Sony is reportedly setting up an internal game preservation department at Sony Interactive Entertainment. The company has been saving titles that were originally released on the PlayStation consoles, just in case they need to be pulled from sale due to a copyright issue or if demand increases (due to price changes).

Sony appears to have set up an internal game preservation department. They are looking for people who would like to work on their games, and preserve them for future generations. Read more in detail here: game preservation team.

Sony appears to have set up an internal game preservation department
It probably goes without saying that we here at Massively Overpowered are kind of fond of game preservation, helped by the fact that we have an entire column dedicated to historical preservation. It probably also goes without saying (but is useful to remember) that Sony has not traditionally been the best with game preservation, what with its originally planned (and later reversed) shutdown of the PlayStation 3 digital storefront. But it seems that the winds of change are blowing, as engineer Garrett Fredley tweeted that he had moved on to work at Sony’s Game Preservation department.

What exactly this department does is still a bit vague (it hasn’t officially been announced by Sony), but Fredley explained a bit more in a follow-up tweet talking about his passion for keeping games available and playable. Needless to say, this is an unambiguous good thing and hopefully presages more preservation work being done across the board. Who doesn’t like more games sticking around?

Today is my first day as a Senior Build Engineer at @PlayStation, working as one of their initial hires for the newly created Preservation team!

Game preservation was my first job love, therefore I’m thrilled to be able to return to it.

— Garrett Fredley (@SomeCronzaGuy) April 25, 2022

So allegedly, when I announced my work with Playstation, I shattered the internet.

If anybody is curious in what Game Preservation is or what I do, I gave a GDC lecture on the topic while I was at EA a few years ago. My work is comparable to yours, except it has a broader scope:

— Garrett Fredley (@SomeCronzaGuy) April 26, 2022


Sony appears to have set up an internal game preservation department to ensure that Sony games don’t get lost in the sands of time. Reference: sony building game team.

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