Ubisoft’s stock has been on the rise over the past few months, with a current valuation of around $8 billion. Rumors have circulated that Ubisoft is in talks with China-based private equity firm Dalian Wanda Group to buyout their company for somewhere between $7 and 9 billion.
The rumor comes just as Ubisoft revealed The Division 2 would be released exclusively via Microsoft platforms on March 15th, which could give investors more confidence in Ubi’s future.

The “skull and bones release date” is a rumor that has been floating around for some time. Ubisoft is on the cusp of being bought out by a private equity firm.

Rumor: Ubisoft is on the cusp of being bought out by a private equity firm
If insider reporting is to be believed, the next major gaming acquisition to begin this year is Ubisoft. Reporting from Bloomberg as well as insider sources speaking with Kotaku say that a full acquisition of Ubisoft has been floated by Blackstone Inc. and KKR & Co. – two of the world’s biggest equity firms.

Both private equity companies have been researching the business and have voiced “preliminary acquisition interest,” according to the reports, but no formal discussions have commenced. According to insider accounts, Ubisoft has been working with a number of outside consulting firms to audit various aspects of its company; although corporations typically do this to optimize profit, insiders believe Ubisoft’s audit actions are intended to make it more desirable to possible purchasers.

If a buyer comes along, the firm will almost certainly be sold for a song: Ubisoft’s stock was valued $110 per share in July 2018, but it’s currently worth little over $38 per share as of this writing.

This potential sale represents a significant shift for Ubisoft, which averted a hostile takeover attempt by Vivendi in 2018. However, the company’s chronic delays in creating games, unsuccessful efforts to capture the NFT dragon, and ongoing sexual harassment allegations have certainly increased the appeal of selling out.

Ubisoft’s statement says it will not comment on rumors or speculation, but praises the company’s “long-term approach and appetite for taking creative risks” in developing “some of the industry’s strongest proprietary brands,” as well as “promising new brands and projects on the horizon” and having the “industry’s deepest and most diversified portfolios.” All of this reads like a sales presentation, which is really intriguing.


The “ubisoft connect not working” is a rumor that has been floating around. Ubisoft has denied any talks of an acquisition, but there are some signs that suggest otherwise.

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