Top Five Best PC Gaming Headsets

Top Five Best PC Gaming Headsets

A headset is a key piece of performance when a gamer is involved in fast, reaction-based team games, ranging from Counter Strike to League of Legends. Both types of games are highly reliant on effective communication, which is only possible through a mic, audio capture device, or heavily favored great quality PC gaming headsets.

Occasionally, using your keyboard to type during a game can suffice, but most professional players or teams stick to the more efficient methods, such as wireless gaming headsets or even headphones. In addition, no gamer wants to hear crumpled, garbled messages when getting important information from a teammate. Trust me, I know how frustrating it is to lose a competitive match because of crappy gaming electronics!

Being a sort of an audiophile, I have (unintentionally) went through a lot of PC gaming headsets in my career as a gamer. Some of those gaming headsets broke very quickly, some didn’t deliver what was advertised and others… well, I still have them. Below, I have listed some of my top gaming headset picks based on experience, research and what I’ve heard from others. I hope this will help you in picking the best PC gaming headset once and for all!

Top Five Best PC Gaming Headsets


#1. Audio Technica ATHADG1 Open-Back Gaming Headset

Best PC Gaming Headset ATHADG1

Though it’s difficult to name one headset above them all, if you’ve got the bones to invest in it, Audio Technica ATHADG1 is this gamer’s top pick as one of the best PC gaming headsets.

Audio Technica has been in the sound business for decades, so they’re all about high quality water-clear reception. Comfortable on the ears, ATHADG1 assures voice is sent as clearly as it’s heard. This masterpiece of a creation is one to opt for if you’re out for quality, which you will notice immediately – that I can guarantee. But beware, these are expensive and they also sell out quickly.

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#2. Sennheiser PC 363D High Performance Gaming Headset

Best PC Gaming Headset 363D

Another great quality piece where price tends to be a barrier, but what follows is more polish for less in the end. The Sennheiser PC 363D gaming headset is all about delivery.

Although some gamers prefer aesthetics, this black design with rotating ear-pieces isn’t exactly a crowd-pleaser in terms of looks, but makes up for it with top quality feedback. Very snug over the ears, it has extra handy features of muting its surround sound if it goes over a certain threshold (say goodbye to those online screamers). Backed with a 2-year warranty, excellent voice delivery and clarity of speech, it’s an absolutely solid choice if you don’t mind investing in something that will really last.

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#3. Logitech G230 Stereo Gaming Headset

Best Wireless Gaming Headset G230

Bringing back some character for a much cheaper price tag is Logitech’s G230 stereo headphones. A slick looking set of head gear trimmed in red and a very metro, almost Tron-esque design, makes this option perfect for a 3rd place on best PC gaming headset list.

Logitech is known for their solid hardware: from mouses to keyboards, to stereo speakers, to other gaming gear, they’re a reliable brand, especially for those looking to save some cash. Everything about G230 headset (often misrepresented as Logitech G320) is cushy, flexible, and easy to adjust. It’s only downside is that volume control is handled via wire, and some gamers prefer a wireless interaction altogether. For around $50 to $60 though, it’s an excellent choice for a middle grade head piece that will work well.

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#4. Sentey GS-4530 PC Gaming Headset

Best PC Gaming Headsets GS-4530

Sporting even more fantastic design choices and one of the coolest unboxing features, fourth on the roster is multi-featured Sentey’s GS-4530 PC gaming headset.

In this one, colors black and red come well together with some nice neon lights for that extra high-tech look, and it’s no slowpoke around the design either. Strong voice and audio delivery keeps GS-4530 performance competing alongside the best gaming headgear, even if it’s not. Better yet, the price is a killer: for around $80, you get exactly what you need.

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#5. HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset

Top PC Gaming Headsets HyperX

Last but definitely not least is the number five of best PC gaming headsets – famous HyperX Cloud gaming headset.

For a pretty decent price of around $70, HyperX delivers long lasting comfort and works well for streaming or regular gaming. Cool features include things like memory sound profiles, where the “ears” can remember volume settings for certain things. Some downsides are the cheap-feeling foam mic and the wires, but overall it’s a solid starter choice for anybody in the market needing very good quality mid tier audio gaming hardware.

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