Zenith, who made waves by launching their legendary gear replacement system during Closed Beta announces plans for better comms.
Zenith’s new features include a much more lenient difficulty scaling and the option to revert back to previous versions of zones – all within the same game session.
The announcement follows recent criticism from some players that Zeniths difficulties have been too challenging.,

Zenith discusses legendary gear replacement and difficulty scaling, promises better comms


Zenith, a VR MMO, launched its first minor patch over the weekend, which included new side missions and NPCs, additional endgame features, and a shortened tutorial to assist newbies get their bearings, among other things. The patch also nerfed previously obtained legendary armor and replaced legendary armor with inferior epic gear, causing considerable fan outrage (as well as some abhorrent Discord behavior). Soon after, Game Director Andy Tsen sent a message to fans, detailing some of the design choices and apologizing for any errors made along the way.

While the letter says that legendary armor should appear and feel more strong than it did before (thus the redesign), Tsen also acknowledges that altering legendary gear without notice was a mistake. The developers will try to avoid sunsetting armor in the future, and will create means for players to utilize accumulated resources to obtain beneficial improvements or exchange them for newer equipment.

He says, “We didn’t respect the grind, and for that we apologize.” “Many of you had been waiting for this armor for days, and although we feel the balancing choices were correct, we shouldn’t have taken it away without delivering anything in exchange.”

Another important problem raised in the letter is level scaling, which was implemented to prevent high-level players from destroying lower-level material. Tsen says that the functionality is operating as planned, but that the difficulty has been tweaked a little too high, and that the developers have given a patch to the system to cater for players feeling too weak, among other changes.

Tsen pledges enhanced patch communication and development methods, including the employment of additional QA testers, keeping extensive patch notes, and the launch of a public test server later this month. Tsen also addressed dev abuse on the Discord, stating that there is a zero-tolerance policy for individuals that are toxic to the team.

“The team has had a very trying day. We’ve lost sleep and many hours addressing and repairing errors, but we’ve learnt a lot, and we believe this will improve the game and make your experience much more enjoyable in the future,” Tsen says.

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