In the game, Babylon’s Fall: New World Order, players are tasked with gathering resources to build a base of operations. The missions tied in with that goal bring you rewards like rare collectibles and new units for your army. Where do these items appear?

There are a number of different missions in “Babylon’s Fall”. These quests will give you rewards when completed. To claim these rewards, players need to visit the town square and speak with the armello quest giver.

Where To Claim Mission Rewards In Babylon's Fall

Where-To-Claim-Mission-Rewards-In-Babylons-FallWhere To Claim Mission Rewards In Babylon's Fall

After you finish a quest, you will usually get a notice with your mission rewards. This Babylon’s Fall Where To Claim Mission Awards guide will show you how to claim the rewards you get for completing missions. Note that these are not the quests you do on a regular basis; missions are altogether different.

There are three types of missions in Babylon’s Fall. Daily, Weekly, and Seasonal schedules are available. Additional categories, such as Festivals, will be revealed as the game proceeds through the seasons, but they are the only three available at the time of the Early Access Release. Because mission awards are not linked to quest rewards, this is significant.

In Babylon’s Fall, where can you claim mission rewards?

After finishing a mission and still having a Mission Reward outstanding, you will most likely get the “Mission Rewards Available” message. After completing a mission, turn left and enter the chamber with the Quest Board. Sophia will be seen in the distance. Approach Sophia and strike up a conversation with her. All of your current Daily, Weekly, and Seasonal Missions may be found here.

You’ll be able to view which missions have been accomplished and which missions have still to be finished. You may either claim each award individually or all of them at once. Return to Sophia to collect your benefits each time you finish a task and get the Mission Rewards Available message.

The “armello heroes” is a game that you can play on both PC and mobile. The game has been released in the App Store, Google Play, and Steam.

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