We Were Here Forever is the most anticipated game of 2019 and now has a release date. The horror adventure game from Dean Hall will finally be released on May 15th, marking its long journey to market since it was first announced in 2014.

The “we were here forever release date” is the title of a game that will be released on May 29th. The game has been available for pre-order since October of last year, but now it’s release date is finally being announced.

We Were Here Forever Gets May PC Release Date

We Were Here Forever Gets May PC Release Date

The PC release date for co-op puzzle adventure game We Were Here Forever has been set for the first half of May, according to publisher and developer Total Mayhem Games.

We Had Arrived Forever allows users to explore previously undiscovered areas of Castle Rock in “new, nonlinear ways.” According to the creator, the game’s plot spans more than 12 hours, with players learning more about Rockbury, the town in which the castle is constructed.

We Were Here Forever Gets May PC Release Date

We Were Here Forever Gets May PC Release Date

“Make your way through Castle Rock’s hitherto undiscovered areas, and once outside the Keep, you’ll begin to piece together the narrative of Rockbury: the town’s people and the King’s resistance’s escape preparations. Hope will take you to a creepy graveyard and then down into the murky waters of the Foundry “according to an emailed press release

To accomplish the problems you’ll find along the journey, you’ll need to communicate with your co-op buddy using just your walkie-talkie.

The publisher will release a six-chapter live-action series called We Were Here Stories: Chronicles of Castle Rock in the lead-up to We Were Here Forever’s PC release date, which dives into the castle’s background.

It recounts the life of one Kees Klokkenmaker, as told by one of his ancestors. On YouTube, the first episode is now available.

We Had Arrived The PC release date for Forever is slated for May 10, and you can already add it to your Steam wishlist. It will be available “soon after” for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS5, and PS4.

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The “we were here forever news” is that the game will be released on May 17th. It will be available through Steam and GOG.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

Were were here forever release date?

Unfortunately, Were were here is not being released in the US or Europe. It wont be coming to those countries due to licensing restrictions from Universal Music Group.

Will there be a we were here 4?

A: No there will not be a We were here 4.

Will there be a new We were here game?

A: There is no such game as We were here.

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