The new update for Vermintide 2 added a lot of awesome things to the game. The highlight is an official co-op mode called Warhammer: Chaosbane, where players will take on hordes of enemies with up to 4 friends in split-screen local multiplayer or online cooperative gameplay. This addition also includes three new weapons and some balance changes that makes this experience even better than before!

The “vermintide 2 update today” is a new update that has been released by the developers of Warhammer: Vermintide 2. The update includes fixes and improvements to gameplay.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Patch Notes - Update 4.6 Adds

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Patch Notes - Update 4.6 Adds Unified UI, Quality of Life Changes, and More

The PC version of Warhammer: Vermintide 2’s update 4.6 is now out, with the patch notes detailing the inclusion of a unified UI across all platforms, as well as several quality of life and balancing tweaks.

Along with new health and ammo data, Vermintide 2’s UI gets a kill confirm crosshair to better signal when you’ve taken out an opponent, as well as an improved hit marker to display when you hurt other players.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Patch Notes - Update 4.6 Adds Unified UI, Quality of Life Changes, and More

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Patch Notes - Update 4.6 Adds Unified UI, Quality of Life Changes, and More

You’ll also be able to manage your other jobs’ inventory and talents without having to transfer between them.

You’ll also be able to choose a bot’s career priority, and Okri’s Challenges now include a set of filters to make navigating easier.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2’s version 4.6 also brings a plethora of additional balance modifications, level tweaks, and bug patches, which you can read about in the full patch notes below, as released by the developer.

Additions & New Features

  • We’ve opted to unify all players and platforms under a single unified menu system to deliver the greatest user experience and allow for more simplified interface upgrades. Moving to a unified UI is advantageous for adding new functionality to the interface, such as the recently added ones listed below (The legacy UI can be found in the options menu on PC)
  • Melee Camera Movement has been added, allowing you to lessen or eliminate sways and motions during battle and regular gaming.
  • Added Detailed UI: The in-game HUD now includes additional information about health and ammo numbers.
  • Kill Confirm Crosshair: Indicates what you’ve killed and when you’ve killed it.
  • When injuring an ally, the Enhanced Friendly Fire Crosshair / Hit Marker displays a more distinguished hitmarker.
  • Added Social Wheel Emotes: You can now flex and snap photographs with your pals by triggering character positions!
  • Added Control Career Inventory: Ability to manage the inventory and abilities of other professions without having to switch to them.
  • Other Careers Have Added Equipped Items: Check out which things are available on other professions besides the one you’re currently playing.
  • Persistent Ammo Counter: Allows you to view your ammo stockpile at all times, regardless of whether or not your ranged weapon is equipped.
  • Bot Prioritization: Choose which vocations and in what order your party should be filled.
  • Clear Deeds: You may now eliminate deeds from your inventory to free up space.
  • Challenges from Okri may now be claimed in bulk.
  • Okri’s Challenges now have toggleable filters.
  • Weapon Upgrades Have Been Simplified: A new UI element has been added that provides a full overview of your presently equipped weapon.
  • New Grudge has been added. Striking this monster 10 times in a row with this mark leads the player to get enraged, boosting attack speed and movement speed by 25% and power by 20%, but striking causes the player to take damage. This debuff is refreshed by attacking the creature.
  • New Grudge Mark: ‘Cursed Aura’ – A monster with this mark curses the health of adjacent players for a short time.
  • ‘Warchief’ has been added as a new Grudge Mark. A creature with this mark will sometimes create elite troops around itself.
  • Twitch Mode is Back! Twitch integration has been upgraded to operate with the new Twitch APIs.

The Thorn’s Sister

Kerillian’s latest career has undergone a bit of a renovation. The changes to The Thorn’s Sister will add tools and opportunities for Kerillian to become an asset to the team in more ways than previously through debuffing enemies and controlling the flow of combat.

The goal with changing The Thorn’s Sister is to address the most problematic areas of the career, make it into a stronger thematic role in combat, and lean more into the fantasy of the Sisters of the Thorn

  • Melee strikes that deliver damage and increase damage sustained by 12% for 10 seconds are known as Blackvenom Blades.
  • ‘Atharti’s Delight’: Instead of critical strikes, bleed is now applied when hitting poisoned foes.
  • ‘Isha’s Bounty’ has been replaced with ‘Briar’s Malice,’ which awards Kerillian two critical strikes when she casts Thornwake.
  • Radiance’s cooldown is reduced by 50% with Bonded Spirit, however taking damage resets the cooldown by 2 seconds.
  • Radiant Inheritance’: Consuming Radiance for 10 seconds offers Kerillian and adjacent allies 15% power and 5% critical strike probability.
  • ‘Recursive Toxin’ has replaced ‘Pale Queen’s Choosing,’ and Blackvenom may now stack two times.
  • ‘Lingering Blackvenom’ replaces Moral-Doomsight Heg’s – Critical Strikes add Blackvenom to opponents around the victim.
  • ‘Ironbark Thicket’ now increases the wall’s breadth as well.
  • ‘Bloodrazor Thicket’ has been replaced with ‘Tanglegrasp Thicket,’ with thorny vines erupting from Kerillian and moving towards the target region. When enemies are struck, they are pulled to the target area.
  • Thornwake instead causes roots to explode from the ground, stunning foes and injecting them with Blackvenom.


Shade didn’t seem to be in a strong spot as a specialized melee character, and we believed she required greater focus on location and the ability to slip behind foes more often as a fundamental aspect of her character. We also sought to make her Career Skill skills have a clearer aim in order to enable varied playstyles.

We sought to eliminate the requirement for specific skill pairings and, as a consequence, provide additional options. Some abilities were also extremely underappreciated, and we endeavored to correct the worst offenders. We added two additional benefits to bring her in line with other professions.

We’ve worked hard to make the Shade stealth minigame a larger component of the second-to-second action. Backstabbing should be significantly reduced for players that use this well.

Talents, Perks, and Passive

  • Main Passive: ‘Assassin’s Blade’ now does 100 percent more damage while hitting foes from behind with melee assaults.

    Activated Ability: Cooldown has been increased to the 70s from the 60s.

    ‘Murderous Prowess’ perk: Charged melee backstabs destroy man-sized adversaries in an instant.

    Kerillian gains stealth for a brief time after parrying an attack and rapidly dodging.

    ‘Dagger in the Dark’ perk: Melee attacks launched from stealth are always critical.

    ‘Exquisite Huntress’ talent: Increased the duration of the headshot damage bonus from 5 to 10 seconds.

    ‘Ereth Khial’s Herald’ has been replaced with ‘Chain Killer,’ which increases Backstab Damage by 25% for 5 seconds after a series of charged backstabs. This effect may be repeated up to two times.

    ‘Vanish’ has been replaced with ‘Focused Slaying,’ which offers a 3-second cooldown reduction after you kill an adversary with a Backstab.

    6-1 in talent ‘Shimmer Strike’ replaces ‘Cloak of Mist’: Leaving Infiltrate gives Kerillian Stealth for 3 seconds. When you kill an elite or a special adversary, this effect lasts 1 second longer.

    6-2 talent ‘Hungry Wind’ replaces ‘Shadowstep’ – Leaving Infiltrate offers Kerillian 10% movement speed and 15% power, as well as the ability to pass past foes for 10% seconds. Bonus damage is no longer granted by infiltrate.

Localization and stability

  • Various unidentified crashes were fixed.
  • A crash caused by missing textures has been fixed.
  • The group carrying more than the planned quantity of books produced a crash.
  • When accessing the Twitch tab in the mission pick menu, a crash might happen.
  • In Fortunes of War, a crash occurred when a player died at the conclusion of a game.
  • On a variety of goods, better localisation has been achieved.
  • Added a few of subtitles that were previously missing.


  • On finesse strikes, Moonfire Bow and Hagbane now provide more DoT damage.
  • Moonfire charged shots’ AoE has been removed, and damage profiles have been decreased.
  • With the ‘Lingering Flames’ talent active, applying greater DoTs now overcomes lesser DoTs.
  • Depending on the assault charge, the Moonfire Bow DoT now ticks 2, 4, or 6 times.
  • The damage output of the Moonfire Bow DoT has been reduced.
  • When utilizing the Ricochet skill, charged Hagbane strikes now deal AoE poison on every bounce.


  • Tzeentch Twins’ enemies should no longer appear in places where they aren’t intended to.
  • When Stormfiend is staggered, he no longer shoots.
  • Illusionist illusions can no longer contact players with most of their actions, and they now have 0.25 health, allowing them to perish from a single hit.
  • Illusionist illusions no longer inherit other Grudge Mark qualities in Chaos Wastes, although they are still shown on the HUD (under the health bar) as if they do.
  • Grudge Mark ‘Shield Shatter’ has been tweaked in the Chaos Wastes. When hitting block, max stamina is now reduced by 1 for 8 seconds.
  • Chaos Wastes – Chaos Spawns and Minotaurs get a new ‘Shield Shatter’ grudge mark.


  • Skarrik Spinemanglr cannot be pushed outside of the arena any more.
  • Floating objects, interactables, crooked ledges, and respawn places have all been changed in several levels (Chaos Wastes and Adventure).
  • When entering the throne chamber, the Rat Ogre audio now plays even if there is no rat ogre.
  • Count Mordrek’s Fortress now has a VO trigger.
  • A Curse Chest that was constantly spawning in the Citadel has been fixed.
  • In Grimblood’s Stronghold, certain respawn sites have been relocated.
  • Festering Ground & A Quiet Drink: Players should no longer respawn in incorrect spots on the map.
  • Warcamp: Fixed a problem that occurred when Sienna’s firewalk was used to stagger an arena monster.
  • Bodvarr should no longer leave the arena without being asked.
  • Players should now advance in a level when the rest of the group has progressed beyond the point where the kidnapped player may be rescued.
  • Olesya should no longer walk through the wall at Taal’s Horn Keep.


  • New color-coding for subtitles has been added to help indicate who is speaking.
  • Special attacks will now be highlighted in item tooltips for weapons having them.
  • Various crashes and erroneous layouts were fixed as a result of reducing the game window.
  • Weaves should no longer display Moonfire Bow as having ‘ammo.’
  • When a player injures himself, the damage indicator should no longer appear.
  • Fixed a bug when crafting weave weapons caused the “unseen item” star to appear in ordinary inventory until it was selected in the Athanor.
  • The default keybind for weapon special attacks is now V, which may be rebounded.


  • Handmaiden’s mocking laughter has been re-added, as requested by the community.
  • Bardins’ ‘Booming Taunt’ now has a fixed display multiplier.
  • Sienna DoTs may now be stacked as intended. The duration is now refreshed when the same DoT is applied.
  • Sienna’s DoTs no longer restrict you from reapplying DoTs on the same target after dying and being resurrected if you have ‘Lingering Flames’ active.
  • Vent/explosion damage is no longer affected by damage reduction. No matter how much damage mitigation Sienna has, explosion damage will kill her.
  • Fixed an issue where ‘Grimnir’s Implacability’ and ‘Heart of Iron’ from Zealot would cancel each other out.
  • Engineer’s ‘Leading Shots’ were not working with the Drakegun, which was fixed.
  • Unchained’s job skill no longer has the little friendly fire.


  • Clients may now see the weapon glow of Warrior Priest of Sigmar’s weapons.
  • Some conversation lengths have been tweaked.
  • The’song conversation’ in Bardin’s Chaos Wastes was not operating correctly.


  • Fix for weak staggers: Weak staggers no longer override strong staggers, which enabled foes to immediately rise up when struck down in the past.
  • In Weaves, examine animations have been added to crystals.
  • Clients who were unable to complete the ‘Unbreakable’ challenge were now able to do so (absorb damage caused by Warrior Priest passive)
  • Ironbreaker’s beard was being limited at low FPS, which was fixed.
  • Bots should no longer be able to leap from ledges without being prompted. They can still be yeeted off ledges, but they shouldn’t attempt to guide themselves off one.
  • When a bot is stopped by an adversary while attempting to contact a player for assistance, it is occasionally not repathed (eg. revive)
  • Only illusions you’ve unlocked will be used by weapons discovered in the Chaos Wastes.
  • When influenced by additional shot buffs, Griffon-Foot Pistol firing now has a delay.
  • A bug that allowed barrels to be copied has been fixed.
  • Paintings’ descriptions have been lost due to a bug.
  • If Sienna (Battle Wizard) utilized her active ability ‘Fire Walk,’ the ‘Feed Me, Sinner’ Challenge could not be performed.
  • A bug with the Ubersreik Cataclysm Keep banner has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where hot-joining players couldn’t choose the previous character after the host changed characters in the Keep.
  • Players are now indestructible when within the Skittergate, which eliminates the problem of players being killed while entering or departing the gate.
  • When conducting an inspect animation, Bogenhafen weapon illusions should now appear appropriately.
  • It is now possible to join players who have been blocked in Steam.
  • Last week, there was a brief period when players who discovered red things in chests were not rewarded Veteran (red) Illusions. This was fixed yesterday, and all players that discovered reds were given the proper weapon skin.

Issues that have been identified

  • A player who enters the lobby in the middle of a posture will not be viewed as posing.
  • Some Grudge Marks are either missing or have the incorrect icon (s)
  • The beam staff, in particular (but not only), is prone to the frenzied grudge mark buff.
  • When changing settings that need a restart, the cursor remains active in the game after the restart.
  • When upgrading a weapon in the Chaos Wastes, the tooltip may sometimes travel outside of the screen’s borders, making it impossible to read the whole thing.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is currently available on PC, Xbox 360/S, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. The console version of Update 4.6 is expected to be released in April.

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