Wargaming, the largest online multiplayer game company in Europe and one of the leading gaming companies worldwide announced on 4 August 2018 that it is leaving Belarus and Russia. The decision was made due to an increasing threat from government interference over recent months
with increased pressure from Russian authorities toward Wargaming’s business operations. This article provides a brief overview of Wargaming’s history with Belarus and Russia, as well as highlights some key historical events for understanding what has led up to this decision by Wargaming today.

Wargaming made a decision to leave Belarus and Russia. The company is moving its headquarters to Malta, which has been one of the most popular gaming destinations in Europe. Read more in detail here: world of tanks.

Wargaming Makes Decision to Leave Belarus and Russia

Wargaming makes decision to leave Belarus and Russia

As a consequence of Belarus and Russia’s continuing conflict with Ukraine, Wargaming has taken the painful choice to remove its operations from both nations.

Wargaming announced to the press that it has turned over management of its live service business in both nations to Letsa, a local corporation that is no longer linked with Wargaming. It will also close its Minsk studio once all of the necessary processes are completed.

The firm is expected to lose a large amount of money as a consequence of the withdrawal, according to the statement. Business will continue in Belarus and Russia throughout the transition time. The whole statement may be seen here.

Wargaming makes decision to leave Belarus and Russia

Wargaming makes decision to leave Belarus and Russia

“Wargaming has been undertaking a strategic evaluation of company operations throughout the globe over the last several weeks. It has been agreed that the corporation will not own or run any enterprises in Russia or Belarus.

The company’s live games business in Russia and Belarus was passed to the local administration of Lesta Studio, which is no longer linked with Wargaming, on March 31. This procedure will not benefit the firm now or in the future. On the contrary, we anticipate to lose a significant amount of money as a consequence of this choice.

We will complete the operational transition as quickly as possible while adhering to all applicable regulations and guaranteeing the continued safety and support of our personnel. The live goods will be accessible in Russia and Belarus throughout the transition time and will be managed by the new owner.

Wargaming has also begun the process of shutting down its Minsk facility. It will be carried out in accordance with the law. Product and service heads will meet with their staff soon to explore the implications of this decision for each department.

Employees impacted by the transition will get as much severance and assistance as feasible.”

Wargaming’s action is the latest in a series of similar ones by gaming and other industries in response to Russia and Belarus’s activities in recent weeks.

Wargaming has made the decision to leave Belarus and Russia. This decision is due to Belarus and Russia’s “unfair” treatment of their employees. Reference: belarus map.

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