Ubisoft has temporarily disabled Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s in-game cryptocurrency after a botched attempt to sell the blockchain game assets. The company says they will reevaluate their plans and roll out an update following further research.

The “ubisoft nft backlash” is a recent event that has taken place in the gaming community. Ubisoft was forced to apologize and go into maintenance mode following the failed NFT scheme.

Ubisoft maintenance-modes Ghost Recon Breakpoint following failed NFT scheme


Let’s take a look back at Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s short existence. Although the game was released in 2019, it was just a mediocre success for the series. Ubisoft tried to revive it towards the end of 2021 by going all-in on NFTs with a “new experience” dubbed Ubisoft Quartz, but it didn’t matter since no one wanted to purchase Ubisoft’s “digits” at all, much alone in a game with an ever-dwindling future. “These NFTs are only the beginning,” Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot stated in December, while Ubisoft VP Nicolas Pouard remarked in January that players “simply don’t comprehend it.”

But, sadly for Ubisoft executives, players got it, and those NFTs were merely the beginning of the end, as Ubisoft announced Wednesday that it has stopped developing the game entirely.

Of course, the corporation touts the improvements it’s released in the previous two years and pledges to keep the servers up and running in maintenance mode. In any case, it’s a sad day for real devs and gamers who refused to participate in corporate’s newest money-making ploy. (You’ll be heartbroken by the responses from gamers who enjoyed the game.) It would be fantastic if Ubisoft and other firms currently attempting to shift to blockchain ventures could learn anything positive from this fiasco, but we’re not holding our breath.

Hey Ghosts, we have an important message we would like to share with you all 👇 pic.twitter.com/kYeyVWVtgi

— Ghost Recon (@GhostRecon) April 5, 2022


Ubisoft has announced that it will be implementing a new in-game NFT scheme for Ghost Recon Breakpoint, following the failed NFT scheme. The game is currently undergoing maintenance, and Ubisoft has stated that it will be launching the new system soon. Reference: ubisoft in-game nft.

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