The Xbox Game Pass service, which is set to launch on May 1st this year, has had a few details announced. What will the game pass offer at first? How much will it cost and what games can you expect to play with your subscription? Let’s take an in-depth look at Tunic’s upcoming game pass option for all things gaming!

The “tunic release date” is the date when the game will be released. The company has not revealed any information about the release date yet, but it will be soon.

Tunic Xbox Game Pass - What We Know About It Coming to

Xbox Game Pass Tunic - What We Know About It Coming to PC Game Pass in 2022

Tunic has been on and off the radar since it was first revealed in 2017, but as the middle of March 2022 approaches, so does its impending release. However, since its announcement, the gaming environment has altered, and with subscription services now in the limelight, users are asking whether the game will be included to Xbox Game Pass or its PC version.

Tunic’s appeal stems not just from its vibrant aesthetics and diorama-inspired style, but also from the possibility of controlling a charming little fox on a grand journey. As you go around the continent, you deconstruct the game’s instruction manual, learning new tricks and reliving childhood memories if you’re an older player. Here’s all we know about the game’s PC Game Pass availability.

Xbox Game Pass Tunic

Xbox Game Pass Tunic - What We Know About It Coming to PC Game Pass in 2022

Xbox Game Pass Tunic - What We Know About It Coming to PC Game Pass in 2022

Unfortunately, Tunic will most likely not be available on Xbox Game Pass or the service’s PC version at launch. Publisher Finji confirmed as much back in January, responding to a fan’s tweet.

The game isn’t mentioned in the most recent batch of Xbox Game Pass additions, so it seems that anybody interested will have to make a standard purchase, at least for the time being.

  • Tunic’s Xbox/PC Game Pass is now unavailable.

This doesn’t rule out the potential of Tunic being on Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass at a later date. Following the introduction, a large number of games are added to the subscription service’s extensive library.

It’s unclear whether or not this will happen, since no formal word has been issued. We’ll keep a watch on Tunic’s release on Xbox Game Pass and its PC equivalent and update this story when we learn more.

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tunic isometricorp is a game that has been confirmed to be coming to Xbox Game Pass. The game was originally released on PC in 2016, and was later ported to the PS4.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is tunic coming to Game Pass?

A: I am sorry, but it is not possible to add in tunics on the Game Pass version of Beat Saber. This was something that Epic Games decided against allowing users during their free trial period as they want you to be able to play with other people who are also playing with a controller and would not allow for any controllers attached at all.

How long is tunic game?

A: The game is 30 minutes long.

Is tunic Xbox exclusive?

A: Yes, Tunic is exclusive to Xbox One.

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