Earn triple rewards this week on the Vespucci Job in GTA Online

The “gta online weekly update today” is a weekly event in GTA Online that features triple rewards for those who play. This week, the Vespucci Job has been added to the list of jobs.

Triple Rewards on The Vespucci Job This Week in GTA Online

This week in Rockstar Games’ GTA Online, players may earn triple GTA$ and RP on the Vespucci Job and all Open Wheel Races.

Players may additionally gain Double GTA$ and RP on Time Trials, as well as a 50% Benefit GTA$ and RP on Vehicle Cargo Sales, on top of this bonus. Players may now get Double Pay for all Bodyguards and Associates. A CEO or MC President who wins a Business Battle will get one of three uncommon items: the Mammoth Tee, Black Tint Oversize Shades, or the Street Crimes Logo Tee.

Make sure to swing by The Diamond Casino & Resort to spin the Lucky Wheel – this week’s Top Prize is the Ocelot Penetrator.

The Dewbauchee Specter, Truffade Nero, and Weeny Issi Sport are among the vehicles available on the Test Track. Members of the LS Car Meet who finish in the Top 3 in a Pursuit Race for five days in a row will get a Truffade Nero.

Players may receive a Weeny Issi by visiting the Southern San Andreas Super Autos website, which offers discounts and freebies. Meanwhile, the Remote Control Unit and Missile Lock-On Jammer Imani Tech upgrades are 25% off for select vehicles from The Contract, including the Enus Deity (also 40% off), Enus Jubilee (also 30% off), Mammoth Patriot Mil-Spec (also 30% off), Buffalo STX, Dewbauchee Baller ST, and Dewbauchee Champion.

Finally, everyone who links their Rockstar Social Club account to their Prime Gaming account this week will get a GTA$100,000 bonus.

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When Sometimes You’s 35MM launches on March 2 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, players will be able to go on a Siberian adventure.


Posted in News on February 17, 2022 by casey-scheld

This week in Rockstar Games’ GTA Online, players may earn triple GTA$ and RP on the Vespucci Job and all Open Wheel Races.


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The Witcher 3’s Game Director, Konrad Tomaszkiewicz, has formed a new pack at the startup firm Rebel Wolves.


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Blazing Bit Games’ Nightmare Reaper, a retro-inspired FPS featuring looter shooter and rogue-lite features, will depart Early Access on March 28.

The “gta discounts this week reddit” is a post that discusses the new GTA Online event, Triple Rewards. The event will be available from Wednesday to Sunday at 10AM GMT.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most money someone has had in GTA Online?

A: I dont know that information.

What category is the Vespucci job GTA?

A: The Vespucci job is considered a gathering mission.

What is the reward for completing daily objectives in GTA Online?

A: The reward for completing daily objectives in GTA Online is a small sum of money which can be used to purchase weapons, vehicles and clothes.

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