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Triangle Strategy Cheats

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Triangle Strategy Cheats

On the Nintendo Switch, are you looking for Triangle Strategy cheats? Triangle Strategy cheat codes and unlockables are included here, along with advice for Square Enix’s latest HD-2D turn-based tactical RPG.

With a cheats list that is applicable for the Switch title, we will show you how to unlock all Triangle Strategy codes (where available).

Check out the cheats listed below…

List of Triangle Strategy Cheats

Triangle Approach How to Persuade Potential Allies to Join Your Party

triangle-strategy-how-to-influence-which-allies-join-your-party-640x360 Triangle Strategy’s Conviction Scales

Learn how to sway which Allies join your Party:

It’s up to you to make the right choices: After being embroiled in a raging struggle between three countries, strategically lead a force of soldiers. The tale and conclusion of this historic struggle will be influenced by key decisions you make.

Beliefs to challenge: Each action you make will strengthen one of three convictions — Utility, Morality, or Liberty — that together make up Serenoa’s worldview and affect who will join you and contribute their abilities to your army. You may replay the game to observe how different decisions affect the outcome of the journey.

When confronted with genuinely life-or-death situations, many characters will weigh in by casting votes on the Scales of Conviction. Persuade them to help you construct your own path before they cast their vote.

How to recruit Rudolph and Corentin to your cause: Your allies will vote early on whether your group should journey to the cold Aesfrost or the desert Hyzante. And whatever option the scales lean toward determines where you’ll travel next, resulting in new party members joining you.

  1. If you pick Aesfrost, your group will assist in the suppression of an illicit salt trade in a snowy terrain ripe for strong elemental assaults. Rudolph, a hunter and ex-salt smuggler, will fight with you.
  2. Your crew will face deadly magic wielders in a huge, multi-tiered desert if you select Hyzante. Corentin, a cryomancer and Ministry of Medicine researcher, will join forces with you.

Triangle Strategy: Question Your Beliefs

Tips & Tricks for the Triangle Strategy

Here’s a quick rundown of the game. Triangle Strategy, Square Enix’s tactical RPG, gets an in-depth examination.

Nintendo Switch – Triangle Strategy – First Look

To get you started in Triangle Strategy, here are some helpful battle advice.

Triangle Strategy | Nintendo Switch | 5 Things You Should Know (2022)

The strengths of the character are then emphasized.

Every round, Spy Anna gets to act twice. This implies that when you use her in pincer strikes and an ally joins in to attach, the ally gets to attach twice as well, much like Anna! It’s great to have four assaults every turn! Y

Preliminary Impressions on the Project Triangle Strategy

Note: It’s unknown what the genuine ending is, or if winning the game with it unlocks New Game Plus mode, which allows you to transfer over everything from your previous gameplay into a fresh new one.


On Switch, there are currently no Triangle Strategy hacks. So, until they’re uncovered, we’ve created the Triangle Strategy guidelines mentioned above to assist you with gaming tips and tricks!

Are there any Triangle Strategy cheats or unlockables you know about? If you tell us in the comments, we’ll give you credit for figuring it out. – Thank you for stopping by!

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