TitanReach is a question and answer site for people who play video games. We’re not here to tell you what games you should be playing, we’re here to help you if you have questions about how to play them. You can also ask about your favorite genres, if you have a question about that, or if you want to start an AMA (ask me anything) session, that’s what we’re here for.

Today, we are pleased to announce that the Titanfall 2 Beta is now live! You can get your hands on the beta by downloading the Titanfall 2 Beta on Xbox One or by pre-loading the game on your Xbox One today – by clicking on this link .

The developers of the indie MMO TitanReach decided it was time to answer some questions from players and provide answers to those questions, which cover a pretty wide range of specially selected topics.

Some of the first questions are about how developer Square Root Studios makes the game, from the software tools used to the use of ambient sounds to how the 3D artists go from concept to creation. Some gameplay-related answers were also given, including the information that items will be a mix of Gear Tether and Pickup Tether, meaning many items will be tradable. As for trading items, there will be no auction house in the game, and trading will be between players and player-adaptable trades.

Other comments include plans for PvE content aimed at solo and group play; confirmation that the game will have a transmog system; acknowledgement that resource nodes won’t be too close to banks or crafting stations; and a small list of future content additions such as dungeons and bosses, achievements, mini-games, various quests, tavern games, some skill upgrades, and the addition of Slayer and Arcanum skills. The questions and answers are not as detailed as in a recent post on Reddit, but you can still read some of the answers here.


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