I’ve had the opportunity to play Tiny Tina’s adventures for a few hours and I’m really happy with what was delivered. The game is great fun, has plenty of challenging fights, hilarious dialogues and well-designed levels that have lots of variety. Even if you don’t enjoy RPGs in general, Tiny Tina’s adventure will make it easy to forgive!

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands PC Review

“Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Review” is a review of the game Tiny Tina’s. The review comes from IGN and it gives a good overview of the game.

Magic, Dragons, and A Gazillion Guns

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands takes the great Assault on Dragon Keep DLC from Borderlands 2 and makes it into a full-fledged spin-off. It’s a game that basically follows the same structure as Gearbox’s main series, but with a few alterations in order to give it its own identity. There’s a lot of looting and shooting to do, but it also seems a bit too similar to Borderlands 3, although with a new paint job.

Its plot is presented as a game of Bunkers and Badasses, a tabletop RPG inspired by Dungeons & Dragons, with Tiny Tina playing the role of a bunker (or dungeon) master. Frette and Valentine are two new characters that keep things entertaining throughout the game, even if they do have a propensity to jabber on for too long at times. You, an unknown newcomer, take the grandiose-sounding job of Fatemaker, and take the fourth place at the table.

Tiny The first major change in Tina’s Wonderlands is the inclusion of a rather detailed character creator. In contrast to Borderlands’ character-locked classes, you may now customize your avatar’s background, appearance, voice, and class. It’s a great change that gives a slew of personalization choices, like the ability to change your hero’s voice pitch and even send sliders into overdrive to create horrific monsters.

Magic, Dragons, and A Gazillion Guns

A sword was introduced to a submachinegun combat.

From the frost-infused Brr-zerker, who prefers close combat, to the nature-attuned Spore Warden, whose poisonous mushroom companion compliments their ability to shoot arcane arrows from afar, and beyond, the six playable classes tap into distinct fantasy RPG tropes. I began playing as the Graveborn, a high-risk, high-reward spellcaster with a fondness for black magic, draining the enemy’s life energy, and an almost amicable floating skull companion.

Tina is at her finest in Wonderlands when she really embraces her position as bunker master, using her authority in such a manner that she not only causes amusing interactions but also transforms the environment right in front of your eyes. The bright skies above a peaceful city turn bloody as zombie armies descend on the city at any minute.

When Valentine complains that the setting isn’t dank enough, the lofty trees of the Weeping Dankness die and are replaced with mushrooms. At times like this, the game makes you feel that you’re a part of a universe created by Tina, who also has complete control over every element of it.

Magic, Dragons, and A Gazillion Guns

A dash of tabletop traversal is added by the overworld.

Frette’s inquisitiveness about why there’s a campfire in an underwater cave drives Tina to spring a surprise ambush on you, and it’s hilarious to see her break character or scurry to come up with an outlandish response she plainly hasn’t planned ahead of time. Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is a step in the right direction, especially following Borderlands 3’s sloppy narrative and villains, even if it does lose a little edge. The film’s major antagonist, on the other hand, seems entirely missing, never fully establishing himself as a genuine menace.

Despite the fact that this is a shorter game, the globe still has lots of vast, explorable areas with a mix of major objectives and side adventures. They’re also no longer connected to one other, instead being linked by an overworld that you navigate as an animated miniature, which fits in well with the overall tabletop motif. Its many biomes are home to NPCs that may provide you with extra side missions as well as collected objects that can provide you with permanent perks. They also house random encounters and optional dungeons, which become a bit boring after a while.

While you may avoid most random encounters by quickly meleeing enemy miniatures as they approach you, dungeons are required if you want to complete side missions. They’re all set up the same way, with you being thrown into a tiny arena and given the duty of killing enough foes to fill a bar. Once you’ve done that, you may collect your rewards – whether they’re quest items or treasure – before being sent back to the overworld or to the next encounter through a portal.

Magic, Dragons, and A Gazillion Guns

For better or worse, Butt Stallion has returned.

Even though the arena layouts normally include some verticality, this is Wonderlands at its weakest. The amount of monsters you battle on regular difficulty is very minimal, and the dynamic of the combat does not differ much from the game’s major stages. With the exception of the few occasions when they produce a superior rifle or item, they wind up seeming like meaningless excursions. This makes them feel like chores, which is a problem since their framework is also used in the final Chaos Chamber mode.

It works in a similar way, linking together a series of brief meetings. To its credit, it does provide an own money that you can use to purchase buff shrines, increase the difficulty of encounters, and choose your chosen sort of prize at the end. It also contains rogue-lite-style variables that may make each run more challenging. You’ll fight adversaries and monsters you’ve previously seen throughout the main adventure as you rush to the final area.

The Chaos Chamber does provide you those desired legendary artifacts, but it never seems very fresh. Making foes impervious to certain types of damage or having them create pools on the floor when their armor or shields are depleted isn’t enough to make you forget that you’re mostly battling in the same venues you’ve seen before. It’s difficult to rationalize spending too much time in it after a few runs, at least in a single session.

Magic, Dragons, and A Gazillion Guns

Gungician is how they refer to me.

The bigger levels follow in the footsteps of the main series’ equivalents. There’s generally a lot of terrain to cover, with everything from pirate-infested beaches to medieval castles and bone-filled necropolises on the menu. Enemies such as dragons, goblins, and skeletons abound throughout the Wonderlands. Some will be recognizable, such as the cyclops who becomes irritated if you fixate on its eye, while others will be unfamiliar. At the same time, its fantastical themes should have been emphasized further. Several of them seem like they belong in Borderlands, but with fantasy-inspired adversaries attempting to kill you.

Despite some great aesthetic tweaks to effects, the firearms give the same over-the-top, explosive action that Borderlands is renowned for. Certain handguns transform into crossbows; one sniper rifle shoots nine spikes in an inverted C shape, working as an impromptu shotgun; and I discovered a shotgun that fired dragon-shaped rounds in a straight line, operating more like a mid-range rifle.

Thematically, these alterations have a greater influence than mechanically, although they do contribute to the fantastical setting. The fact that you’re still holding a Jakobs or a Tediore from the main series isn’t hidden by the new titles for some of the manufacturers. Other aesthetic details, such as your character reloading shotguns by dusting magic dust into the ammunition chamber, are nice, but the weaponry seemed out of place while battling goblins and skeletons. Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands accomplishes a variety of intriguing things, and the battle system as a whole isn’t simply copy-pasted.

Magic, Dragons, and A Gazillion Guns

One proper way to greet hostile skeleton pirates is with an axe to the face.

Melee weapons are more varied, ranging from the quick khopesh to the slower greatswords and enormous maces. They’ve also been given stats and effects, making them a more powerful weapon in your armory.

A variety of cooldown-based spells, ranging from charging projectiles to channeled casts of numerous fireballs, or a hovering skull that expresses anger at having to do your bidding before doing huge damage to foes, have replaced grenades.

You can cast a lot of them while firing your weapon, and wielding a raging assault rifle in one hand that fires multiple bouncing sawblades while the other conjures up homing fireballs definitely adds to the sense of badassery that Borderlands aims to evoke, and it does so as well as, if not better than, the main game. It’s a shame that the user interface hasn’t gotten much love, as it makes identifying better items and switching your equipped gear a little difficult.

Magic, Dragons, and A Gazillion Guns

The floor (for the most part) is made of lava.

I’ll never tire of utilizing my Graveborn’s action talent, which fires a big blast around him at the expense of his health, delivering black magic damage and regenerating life. Enemies simply melt, while the remainder of the build gives him more health, increases companion damage, and generates hydras from dead adversaries’ bodies.

You also have the ability to multiclass throughout the tale, allowing you to use the skill tree and abilities of any other class. This allows you to broaden the range of possible builds and even respec – ultimately down to the secondary class itself – giving you a lot of options. I gained a mushroom companion after choosing the Spore Warden’s talent tree, which had uniquely designed butt-cheeks, deadly farts, and the ability to resurrect, making my Graveborn an even more effective killing machine.


Magic, Dragons, and A Gazillion Guns

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands worked wonderfully on the maximum settings and with the resolution scale set to 125 percent on an i7-8700K, 16 GB RAM, Nvidia RTX [email protected] The only stutters I saw were caused by the Shift service coming up and offline many times during launch week, flooding the screen with messages.


Magic, Dragons, and A Gazillion Guns

Tiny Visuals, including the opportunity to choose the colors of friendly, neutral, and hostile reticles, controls, including aim assist choices, and the ability to run and crouch by holding or pushing buttons are all covered by Tina’s Wonderlands accessibility settings. You may also adjust the size and opacity of the subtitles, as well as the degree of camera shaking and head-bob.


Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is a safe bet, never delving too far into its fantastical themes or making big modifications to the Borderlands concept, but it does provide more of the fun looting and shooting that the main series is renowned for. It has greater narrative and comedy than Borderlands 3, and it adds unique spells and class abilities to liven up the combat system, which is otherwise familiar.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands features repetitive dungeons and a tiresome endgame, but if you want to shoot dragons instead of bandits and sift through an unending stream of weaponry and stuff in quest of the one that works slightly better with your build, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands has you covered.


Using my Graveborn’s action skill to unleash a wave of evil energy that melted foes in its path.

Good vs. Evil

  • If you haven’t gotten your fill yet, there’s more looting and shooting in the manner of Borderlands.
  • The recipe has been tweaked to offer Wonderlands a slightly different feel.
  • Character customization choices abound.
  • Borderlands 3 has better narrative and comedy.
  • More looting and shooting in the spirit of Borderlands (if you wanted something vastly different)
  • It’s a touch too safe, and it doesn’t do enough to set itself apart from Borderlands.
  • Dungeons that repeat themselves and random encounters
  • The user interface might use some polishing and simplifying.

The “tiny tina wonderlands release date pc” is a game that has been released for PC. It’s a platformer with puzzles and combat.

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