Many gamers have been wondering when they will be able to play the highly anticipated sequel, Tiny Tina’s Wonderland. The development team has confirmed that there are still many left over locations and puzzles from the first installment which remain unsolved until now. With no word on when exactly players can expect a release date for this game, more people than ever before are seeking out these hidden treasures with tips from other YouTube gamers who may have found them already.

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Tiny Tina’s Wonderland Queen's Gate Lost Marble Locations

Tiny-Tinas-Wonderland-Queens-Gate-Lost-Marble-LocationsTiny Tina’s Wonderland Queen's Gate Lost Marble Locations

A mysterious Lost Marble or two may be found on each map in Tiny Tina’s Wonderland. This Tiny Tina’s Wonderland guide The Queen’s Gate Lost Marble Locations guide will show you where to look for the Lost Marbles in Queen’s Gate. The location of two Lost Marbles is hidden in this region.

The majority of Tiny Maps’ maps are Tina’s Wonderland is home to a number of treasures. To discover out precisely what is concealed in each region, check your map and go to “Progress.” There are a lot of collectibles at Queen’s Gate. The Lost Marbles are two of these antiques. To discover both of the Lost Marbles in Queens Gate, follow the instructions below.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderland is a fantasy world created by Tina. Locations of the Queen’s Gate Marbles

Tiny-Tinas-Wonderland-Queens-Gate-Lost-Marble-Locations-2Tiny Tina’s Wonderland Queen's Gate Lost Marble Locations The first may be located on the map’s north east side. Brighthoof’s entrance is to the east. Simply exit the castle area and go east until you arrive at this place. This is where the Lost Marble may be found. You collect the prizes, be sure to shatter the marble.

Tiny-Tinas-Wonderland-Queens-Gate-Lost-Marble-Locations-1Tiny Tina’s Wonderland Queen's Gate Lost Marble Locations This Lost Marble can be found on the map’s northwestern edge, near the Brighthoof entrance. A tiny castle is present. To discover the Lost Marble, go inside and to this place. Be cautious of traps.

If the passage is obstructed or a gate is present, continue following the main tale until you reach the next location and then return.

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