All right, so you’ve come to the right place. is a fansite built on the basis of “New World”, a video game/dungeon crawling RPG developed by George Broussard. The community is huge, and you can see why in the amount of content we’ve created in the past year alone. We’ve got build guides to every single weapon and armor in the game, hundreds of builds, and an in-depth, lore-oriented character creation system that tracks all the changes and events of the game.

Basically, this is an expansion of the tool that was already out there for New World, but it was made with the purpose of making it more user-friendly for newbies like you and me. Myself and my friends will probably create some new builds using this tool, since I’m pretty curious about what it can do.

Theorycrafting is the practice of creating and comparing hypothetical builds, designed to explore character theoretical viability in a variety of situations. At the same time, this is useful for those who want to play a certain character in a certain way, but do not have access to the character yet, or have not yet decided on a character in the first place.

word-image-12938 God bless the theorists and character designers, for they can sometimes provide a glimmer of inspiration and ingenuity, or useful advice to those who are unsure how to assign their character’s skill points. Or maybe they’re just offering something to copy en masse. Regardless of which column you belong to, the New World fansite provides a resource for players to create, view, and share character builds. This newly released tool speaks for itself and includes a full set of 190 status points that can be awarded, as well as drop-down lists of weapon types so players can create a build for their chosen play style. After creating a build, players can simply name it and save it to the list. In the meantime, investigating these constructs is easy enough: At the time I wrote this article, it was enough to flip through two pages. Currently there is no search or meta-build feature, but the latter will be available soon. Conveniently, each build has a button that allows you to copy the build to the clipboard. So if you want to save characters like Gandalf’s evil cousin, the annoying CC Tank, or I’m stupid – IDK, you can now. ViewI was recently introduced to a web tool that allows you to create your own builds. It’s called, and I’m currently using it to build a Kriegsmesser (aka Perkier) build for my characters. It’s an interesting tool, and I wanted to share my experience exploring different builds and the way they can affect the way you play.. Read more about best character creator tools and let us know what you think.

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