The Hunter is one of the most anticipated content updates for Old School RuneScape. The update is scheduled to be released on 17th December 2019, but we don’t want you to wait until then to get started! In this guide, we will go over all the different skills that you’ll need to accomplish the set amount of kills for each skill, as well as how to get started. We’ll then talk about how to make the most of the new Slayer Ring, as well as where to get the best gear. Every hunter has a different playstyle, so we’ll also talk about how you can use the new skillsets and adjustments to cater to your needs.

If you’re new to the game, then you can be forgiven for thinking that P2P (Player to Player) is just a thing that people do for fun. But, the reality is that P2P is not just a side game for players, but a way of life for them and their allies. In fact, it’s the only way to really make money in OSRS, but it’s not always easy.

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Open the cooler and put on your camouflage. We’re heading out into the wilderness to see hunter training at the RSO. Most ofOldSchool RuneScaperevolves around deadly combat, legendary quests, and the occasional wood carving or clay bowl making. What does an adventurer like you do when you need a break from all the deadly, adrenaline-filled action? Looking for more tips and tricks OSRS ? Click to see all our manuals RuneScape . Agriculture? Shh. This is an activity for big wimps and little wimps. And Herblore is for those who would rather drink suspicious herbs than grow them. The real heroes spend their free time roaming the frozen tundra, building beautiful birdhouses and unleashing a trained hawk on unsuspecting rabbits. That’s right – it’s time to talk about RuneScape’s most famous skill, the hunter. High Ground GamingOSRS Hunter Training Guidewill begin after the break.

OSRS Hunter Education: Drumming is not only for drummers

Image: Jagex via HGG word-image-17788 word-image-17789 Hunting is a skill you develop by doing, by doing. But you don’t just get a hawk and be sent on your way. First you have to prove what you’re worth. Climb the ladder, so to speak. The first step is to dress for the job you want and put some bows in your briefcase. Any device designed for weight loss will be your friend. The hunter must walk through the most remote parts of Gielinor in search of his prey. This extra portion of rotating energy will build up. While you’re at it, consider adding a few energy drinks or weird fruits and teleportation runs to your inventory to make it even easier. When discussing Hunter’s location, we will point out the nearest bank and the best shortcut to get there. There are currently two hunter blades inOSRS: Alec’s hunting store in Janil and Nardach’s hunting store. Both companies offer a basic suite of hunting tools in the form of snares, bird snares, butterfly nets, bait sticks and box traps. We’ll get to the more exotic hunting supplies later, but for now, take a few of these basic ones. In particular, those that can be used in multiple ways, such as. B. Bird traps, box traps and rabbit traps. They’re not expensive, so it’s always good to have a few on hand. We’ll take a look at the different levels of the Grind when we get to it, but below is an overview of Hunter’s progression to level 99.

Task Target level XP by Total required
Polar skewers 10 30 39
Copper Longhorn 15 61.2 120
Ruby washed 27 24 Variable (see section)
The search for Eagle’s Peak 29 2,500 N/A
Marsh lizards 43 152 253
Spotted rabbit 57 104 1,471
Dark skewers 60 132 534
Red Salamander 73 272 2,644
Birdhouses 99 Variable Variable (see section)

Ironman Hunter workouts may require some substitutions, but fortunately there aren’t many. The quests required and the time needed are minimal. Note that to access Fossil Island and begin building birdhouses, you must complete the excavation and journey to the bones and earn Kudos. The only important thing is whether you have the necessary elements, such as… B. Clocks for nesting boxes that can get a crafting table 2 into a player’s home. Everything else is fine. Now it’s time to take on the first challenge of yourOSRShunter training: tracking down Kebbits in the icy north.

Shh, I hunt Kebits

Image: Jagex via HGG word-image-17790 word-image-17791

  • Hunting tools: Handyman
  • Nearest bank: The village of the seers
  • Quick option: Camelot Teleportation

Northeast of the village of Rellekka Fremen is a rocky coastline and a small glacier. The cold wind beats the snow into deep mounds on the ground, but despite the cold, life simmers. The Kebbits build their homes and settle in the hollow trees where they find shelter from the elements. The Cerulean Warbler migrates through the icy winds, as do several species of butterflies, and the migrating kiatta helps control the local rabbit population. It’s time to get out your magic wand and help in your own way by tracking down rabbits. And you start like any good hunter – with a job. On the glacier you will find many hideaways, perfect for miniature kebabs. Fallen tree trunks, tunnels and galleries invite you to look around and, if you’re lucky, you’ll find tracks and the start of a path. Use visual clues and cast a net to find the different tracks one by one until you find the hiding place of your prey. Image: Jagex via HGG word-image-17792 word-image-17793 When you get to the end of the path, use your wand to put a loop on the hiding place. As a reward you get bones, rabbit meat and rabbit fur. That’s it! Your first hunter’s trophy. Hunt thirty-eight more small dons, and you will become a level 10 hunter. Then it’s time to catch the birds.

A bird in a nest holds two in the air

Image: Jagex via HGG word-image-17794 word-image-17795

  • Hunting tools: Snapper (2), butterfly net (1), butterfly pot (1+)
  • Nearest bank: Shaizien
  • Fast travel option Xeric Mascot

The long tail of copper is our next target. If you are afraid of banks, you should do this step in the hunting area Kourend forest, otherwise take 50 gp and pay the entrance fee for the hunting area Piscatoris. Wherever you are, don’t forget to bring a butterfly net and jars and slings. Slings are not destroyed when used, but if left too long, they will tip over and become an object on the ground that can be lowered. If you keep up with the thread, two pieces will be enough to go all the way, placing them one after the other until you can place them both from level 20. The best place to set traps for a OSRS hunter education class is in a group of birds. Smart placement minimizes the time you spend waiting for someone to arrive. You know something is about to happen when one of them grabs a snail and flies over to get a closer look at it. Image: Jagex via HGG word-image-17796 word-image-17797 If you’re unlucky, he gets caught in the trap and leaves unscathed. In this case, simply remove and reinstall the surge protector. Otherwise, you will see the bird hanging upside down, waiting to be picked up. Check the trap for bones, raw bird meat and feathers, then reset the snares for the next trap. When you reach level 15, you can add rubies collecting butterflies. Image: Jagex via HGG word-image-17798 word-image-17799 Both coppertail areas have rubywoods nearby and generally a bit to the northwest. For maximum effectiveness, set traps and then walk around with a butterfly net in hand to catch a few while you wait. Don’t forget to pay attention to the reports of fallen trees. If you want to keep some butterflies for a friendly attack enhancement, bring as many cans as you want to practice catching and releasing them. At level 27, it’s time for Eagle Peak.


Image: Jagex via HGG word-image-17800 word-image-17801

  • Supplies: 50 pence, bog tar (1), yellow dye (1)

Eagles’ Peak is one of the few quests that requires the Hunter skill, and the first of them. While it’s generally fun to complete quests and get level 99 loot, this quest unlocks one of the hunting skills we’ll use later, as well as XP and an eagle transport system that lets you move through the world faster. This is not a quest guide, so we’ll keep it short and simple: Go to the Ardugna Zoo and talk to keeper Charlie to start the quest. You have to help the hunter make the eagle costume, solve the puzzle and catch the ferret – in that order or so. And at the end, you get a comfortable level 29 hunter.

Unusually large marsh lizards

  • Hunting tools: Ropes (3), small fishing nets (3)
  • Nearest bank: Caniffis
  • Fast travel option N/A

Your next task in OSRS Hunter Training is to collect swamp lizards in Moritania, and luckily for you, this is one of the most accessible creatures for a hunter. From the city of Caniphis, the Hunter area lies a little further to the east. Use fishing nets on the young trees in the swamp and catch a few (hundreds) of lizards. If you really want to minimize/maximize, you can bring a guam tar and a flashlight to increase the chances of catching the lizard, but the net gain will be minimal. Unfortunately for Hunter, there isn’t much else to do in the area, so go Netflix and watch the swamp lizards gallop by. This small effort is worth it: on level 43 you can participate in a small hawk hunt.

Out of the blue

Image: Jagex via HGG word-image-17802 word-image-17803

  • Hunting tools: N/A
  • Nearest bank: Boom Dwarf Fortress
  • Fast travel option N/A

Who would have thought that a hunting falcon of your own would only cost 500 pence? In the falconry area of Piscatoris, you can unleash your own feathery hell on three rare species of rabbit: spotted, dark and rambunctious. After you borrow a hawk and a hawk glove from Matthias, all you have to do is click on the rabbit whose day you want to ruin. The falcon can do the rest. As with the bird traps, you have to retrieve the rabbit when the hawk has caught it. In the beginning you only hunt spotted kebobs. But if you reach levels 57 and 69, you can also use the falconer to fight the dark and turbulent kebbits. Watch the circle of life spin around for a while, and once you reach hunter level 73, a small fork will appear in front of you.

Hunter Education Fork OSRS

  • Hunting tools: Red salamander – 4 net traps / Black Chinchins – 5 net traps
  • Nearest bank: Red salamander – Ardugn / Black chinchompas – Edgeville
  • Fast travel option Red salamander – Ardugna / Black chinchpas – N/A

This is the part of the hunter training manual OSRS , where there is a fork in the road. How much danger can you take? At the end of the Hunter Hunt game, you get the best XP (besides the birdhouses – don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten) by catching black chinchompas with the traps you unlock by passing Eagle Peak. There’s just one problem: they’re deep in the wilderness, southeast of the lava maze. Not exactly a great place for hunter education. Wild has another trick up its sleeve, though. You can set one extra death trap per level above your normal number. That means five at a time instead of four, which means faster XP. But can you survive the constant threat of player assassins? Probably not. In this case, the red salamanders of the Hunted Land of Urania may offer the best balance between safety and XP. Keep in mind: Box traps are needed for mink, and red salamanders are caught with net traps, as are swamp lizards. But wait, we hear you calling. Youanddidn’t say anything about walking into a birdhouse! What happened? In fact, we’ve talked about this at length. But that was in another handbook, so of course we talk about it here.


Image: Jagex via HGG word-image-17804 word-image-17805 Refer to the High Ground Gamingbirdhouse manual for more details. The first thing you need to do is complete the bone path. Then you have the birdseed from Fossil Island at your disposal. Cabin racing is probably the fastest way to train a hunter from top to bottom. You could theoretically switch from Polarkebabs to Birdhouses once you reach level 5, and reach level 99 with just Birdhouses. But at High Ground Gaming, we’re all about diversity. As with anything, you need to tailor your grind to your specific situation and taste. We talk in detail about nesting box varieties in the guide linked above, so we won’t repeat ourselves here. See? We said we’d go to the birdhouses.

OSRS Hunter Education: The hunt has begun

Image: Jagex via HGG word-image-17806 word-image-17807 This includes our hunter education guide OSRS ! They tracked spikes, caught birds, caught lizards, andreleased ahawk. And you’ve probably collected more birdhouses than you can count. For a 99 level hunter, this is a day’s work. Congratulations! I’ll see you in the next tutorial.   word-image-6453 word-image-6454 Linked readingWith the release of the new RS2019 (RS20XX) in 2019, the world of P2P is changing. You might have noticed that AK has been confirmed to be included in the RS2020 (RS20XX). This means that it is highly likely that the RS20XX will be released sometime in 2021. With the RS20XX being the main focus of the RS2019, it is important to be prepared for the next year of P2P.. Read more about fastest way to 60 hunter osrs and let us know what you think.

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