Nioh is the latest game from Team Ninja, the creators of the Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive series. It’s been out on the PS4 since February 2017, and it’s been getting a lot of well-deserved praise. It’s a fast-paced action game with RPG elements, where you fight supernatural Japanese creatures and battle the invading Europeans, with the ultimate goal of freeing Japan from foreign occupation. The Nioh Collection includes the original game, its expansions, and a new “definitive” version. **

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You would think that it would be easy enough to make a sequel, but sometimes it’s not. With Nioh: Complete Edition, Team Ninja is looking to make not just a sequel, but a collection of three Nioh games in one. I got a chance to play Nioh: Complete Edition at a preview event this past weekend, and while it’s not quite ready for release, I felt like it could be.

The original Nioh came out in 2017 and was an instant hit with fans of ultra-violent action-RPGs. TheNioh 2 was released three years later and was received more positively, and our test of the Nioh 2 was no exception. The Nioh Collection is out now for PS5 and PC, and brings with it technical improvements and a ton of post-game content for each game. All DLC includes streamlined gameplay, new weapons and skills, and tons of additional missions and stories. Here we talk about how the remasters work on the new hardware, the biggest improvements and what’s still missing. There’s a lot to be said, so let’s get to the bottom of it.

The Nioh Collection: Return of the Demon

Best of Nioh

word-image-10791 Tested on the PS5, Nioh plays better than ever. The developers at Team Ninja have clearly learned lessons from the PC port of the first game and applied them to development. You can set any game to 60 FPS in 4K resolution and see that the frame rate remains smooth. The image remains clear, and even in the most intense portions of the game, the images linger on that magic number. If you are only interested in frames, then you can go to the collection of Nioh. If you lower the resolution and apply more advanced graphics enhancements, you’ll get a relatively stable 120 FPS. It’s not perfect, and PC users report significant stuttering above 60, but the PS5 seems a bit more stable. The star of the show, at least on the PS5, is probably the loading time. The acclaimed SSD reduces loading time per screen from 30 seconds to three seconds. If Nioh didn’t have a command restart prompt, none of the screens would be readable. In brutal games like this, you’ll be grateful for the short delay.

Weapons, Modes, Yokai, oh my.

word-image-10792 With Nioh Collection , you’ll have full access to all of the DLC’s weapons immediately, so even inexperienced players can get acquainted with a completely new set of combat techniques. Either way, the new options are solid, but not quite superior to the classic options. The basic sword is still as effective as the new claw and fist weapons. There are also three additional levels after New Game+, all of which add new enemies, areas, bosses, skills, upgrades and more. It’s really a new game. Two new rare items, new enemy behaviour, artificial intelligence improvements – the Ninja team have pulled out all the stops to ensure that every time you move to a harder difficulty, it’s actually harder and just as rewarding.

What needs editing (but has not been edited)

word-image-10793 Don’t go to Nioh Collection , wait for the remake Demon’s Souls . The models, textures, environment, etc. have not been reworked. Some effort has been put into smoothing out imperfections, making the image sharper and areas visually cleaner, but from a visual standpoint it still looks a lot like the games released in 2017 and 2020. Unfortunately, aside from frame rates, load times, and visual clarity, there’s not much inherent to the PS5 or PC platform. The collection still takes up a significant amount of space on the SSD, and PC users have experienced performance and stability issues since its launch. Not that we expect anything other than an improvement in quality of life, but it would be helpful to have more time to update at least some assets. You’ll also be disappointed if you wish a better story had been written. The Nioh and Nioh 2 stories are among the weakest, and only serve to get you to the next fight. It’s pretty consistent, and the DLC is a little better, but none of it is worth writing about. From a mechanical point of view, there are a lot of irritations that can lead to great frustration the longer you play. Bosses usually have some weird form of hitboxes or attacks that don’t work the way they should. There seemed to be no effort to smooth out rule violations at the border, as there may be, and some sections would need a pass they didn’t see. The user interface is more cluttered than ever, and you’ll spend hours struggling through cumbersome menus in search of the perfect configuration. In short, Nioh Collection is a purely technical update. Expecting more in a 2020 environment is too much for a team that developed a game that took hundreds of hours of work.

Review of the Nioh Collection – Results



  • A technical update that covers some of the most important propositions of the next generation
  • All content ever released for both Nioh games.
  • The same great mechanics the series is known for.


  • not taking full advantage of next generation hardware and PCs
  • None of the annoying problems have been solved
  • The plot remains one of the weakest points

The Nioh collection won’t convert those who don’t already love it. Banging your head against the boss for hours until the big moment of inspiration comes is not for you, nothing here will change that. But if you’re a fan of his, this update will be one of the easiest purchases you make this year. Even Nioh veterans will find something of interest here if they haven’t seen everything in the original versions. The extra challenges and rewards will keep you on your toes, and the performance improvements will make the game even more fun than before. It should be noted, however, that many of the shortcomings of the original version remain. Waiting for a complete overhaul is too much. None of this takes away from what makes the Nioh series truly magical: top-notch combat, exciting loot mechanics, and a huge variety of builds. These games are both infuriating and extremely satisfying, something few media outlets can pull off. If you are looking for a new game that will force you to submit before you learn its secrets and you want to play the best version of this game, get Nioh Collection. It will hurt, but you will get much more back. [Note: Sony provided the PS5 version of the Nioh collection used for this test].Nioh seemed to come out of nowhere. An action-RPG that was heavily inspired by the Souls series, but also by Ninja Gaiden and even Dynasty Warriors, it offered a more fast-paced and streamlined take on the genre. One year after its debut, we now have the Nioh: Complete Collection, which bundles the base game and its three expansions together into one big package. It’s a great deal, but is it worth your time?. Read more about nioh collection ps5 physical and let us know what you think.

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