A few days ago, an update to Wurm Online was released. It was an update for the game’s sheep, which had undergone some changes. After the update, the game’s sheep started to display some new behaviors. Instead of being fluff, they started to act more like real sheep, in that they now have wool, and their woolballs.

Today marks the release of Wurm Online 1.1. Around the time of the 1.0.6 release, Eric mentioned that the game’s original art had been replaced with stock art of sheep. As you can imagine, the community quickly got sick of it. To alleviate this, a group of players have decided to make the sheep fluffy again.

word-image-2906 Worm Online’s animal update is here, and it lets free-to-play players ride donkeys and mules so we can all point and laugh at them. Just kidding. The update, released in late May, also added a new feed system, new farm objects, new horse forms, improved artificial animal intelligence, improved animal reproduction and a softer sheep model. I’m not kidding. And this is justthe beginning ofthe rest of the news! Read on to discover other small MMO news and videos from the past week in this edition of The MOP Up (and if you don’t see the news we should be covering, give us a hint)! Conqueror’s Blade is celebrating its second birthday!

. Thriving Universe is working hard on his card.

. Path of Exile has posted a lot of stats from Ultimatum leagues. Sea of Thieves plans to release an extensive collection of merchandise, including a soundtrack on three vinyls and a storybook. Studio Clapfoot Inc, responsible for the game Foxhole, changed its name to Siege Camp this week. Our goal is to create permanent online worlds with densely populated battlefields, the founders say. The new title is a commitment to this vision for many years to come. The console edition of RUST was released on PS4 and Xbox One, making it the first release on platforms other than PC. PUBG launched 12.1 on PC with the promised remaster of Miramar.

. The fourth part of the Sandsea Saga of AdventureQuest 3D has been made available to players. Who is Joom? You’re about to find out. The Red Skies update ofWar Thunder has it all: Rank VII for aviation, an all-new visor for individual vehicles, a camera for tracking naval guns, and nearly 30 new vehicles make their appearance in the game! Two new locations, new nuclear blast effects, updated sounds and more!

. The 1.8.555-557 patch forVendetta Online has been released on the live servers, with many bug fixes and changes to guild management. The in-development MMO Elementia has announced on its Discord that it has lost several people from its small team, but will continue with its development. It also had an action/telegraph system. word-image-2907 Finally, Allods Online has released collector’s editions, which is pretty crazy for an MMO of this age! The new Collector’s Editions are now available in stores. Upon purchase, you will receive a unique set of useful items that will help you in the game. https://t.co/hSg4e532bh pic.twitter.com/PZS77r1Sfa – Allods Online Official (@AllodsOnlineEN) 3. June 2021 The MMO industry produces more and more news every year – no single site can cover it all. That’s why each week we bundle all the extras into The MOP Up, our weekly compendium of MMO news that we don’t want to see lost in the rush of time. Send us your messages on our information line! word-image-2908 View

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