Star Citizen is one of the most ambitious games ever made, and despite many setbacks in development they have been consistently releasing content. One such feature is in-flight refueling which has recently gone live on test servers for testing purposes.

Star Citizen tests in-flight refueling with the MFD screen. This is a very interesting and cool feature that will be implemented into the game soon.

The MOP Up: Star Citizen tests in-flight refueling


With this month’s alpha release, one of the items on Star Citizen’s seemingly unending list of things to do before launch may be checked off. It seems that the “Fueling Fortunes” upgrade is experimenting with in-flight refueling between two spacecraft.

RSI said, “The Alpha 3.17 patch is now under testing.” “After a rocky start, we’ve progressed to the next step (wave 3) and are now accessible to all supporters!”

And this is just the beginning of what’s to come! In this episode of The MOP Together, we’ve rounded up some of the lesser MMO news pieces and videos from the last week (and if you spot anything we missed, please let us know)!


With the April 19th update, Moonlight Sculptor will get a new raid monster, housing goods, and enhanced XP recovery.

MU Online has launched a new speed server to help players level up quickly to level 700.

“The next minor update is slated to launch next Monday, 4/18 — introducing triple the inventory, an in-game referral system for the beater gear, dozens of bugfixes, and quality-of-life improvements,” reported Zenith.

Flashpoint, Apex Legends’ “limited-time” mode, has returned. Healing items have been abolished in favor of healing zones, which is one of the major changes in this mode.

In April, Realm of the Mad God is hosting a series of events, featuring increased XP and prizes.

Old School RuneScape held a webcast to teach players about the game’s backstory and prepare them for the PvP arena.

Patch 8.2 for Aion EU is now out, and it includes a new Heart of Aphsaranta difficulty level, a corps mission season, and a larger amount of posting quests.

Heart of Fire, the second official book in the Sea of Thieves series, will be released shortly. To whet your appetite, here’s a sneak peek.

August’s Quake-Con will be digital-only in 2022. “There was still too much uncertainty to commit to successfully executing an in-person QuakeCon,” said the organizers.

“The team is making changes to the backend structure of Lost Ark to prepare for the update coming later this month. We’ll also be adding an additional week of in-game attendance rewards,” said Amazon.

The next DLC for MechWarrior Online has been revealed: “The Hatchman chassis, new melee-weapon-focused ‘Mech variations and Heroes, nine new melee weapons, the new animated Stormsurge skin, and more are all included in Call to Arms!”

“Bringing an aggressive twist to Paladins’ most popular Support Champion position, Lillith will be available for free with the next update in May 2022,” Paladins stated.

SMITE is getting Yu Huang, a mage fighter, ready for prime time:

On April 27th, the classic MMO city builder Romans: Age of Caesar will be released: F4

Araka, a mobile MMO, has begun accepting pre-registrations throughout Southeast Asia:

mop-up-avEvery year, the MMO business produces an increasing amount of news; no one website could possibly cover it all. That’s why, every week, we compile all the extras in The MOP Up, our weekly roundup of MMO news we don’t want to go lost in the gaps of time. Send us your breaking news through our tip line!


The “star citizen bomb” is a weapon that has been present in the game since its early days. It’s a very powerful weapon, but it can only be used on ground targets.

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