While many will be watching the major gaming events of this year, Anvil has been looking ahead and exploring what it could mean for our industry as a whole. We’re excited to share with you all that we’ve pinpointed 3 key areas where blockchain technology is set to disrupt the scene in 2022!

The MOP Up: Anvil hitches up its combat pants as it looks at 2022


Anvil, a cooperative shooter, has received its first update since its early access debut in December. Balance modifications, a new relic, and combat improvements are all included in this release. The game also revealed its plan for 2022, which includes additional difficulty levels, a new Breaker called Quake, adventure mode, and seasonal content.

Despite mediocre reviews on Steam, Anvil has generated a lot of buzz. The game’s server count more than doubled, propelling it to the top of South Korea’s gaming sales ranking.

And this is just the beginning of what’s to come! In this episode of The MOP Together, we’ve rounded up some of the lesser MMO news pieces and videos from the last week (and if you spot anything we missed, please let us know)!


World War II Online is looking for methods to increase server communication between Europe and North America. We’d like to recommend the telegraph.

Krafton, the creator of PUBG, is suing Google and Apple for allegedly identical battle royale games. Krafty, good luck with that.

Rocket League has launched a new event called Neon Nights, which is themed after the musician Grimes.

If you’re wondering why there’s so much talk about the “metaverse” these days, this article delves into the origins of this dubious concept.

The tough portion of squashing problems in the code is discussed in Prosperous Universe.

Multi-platform compatibility, various language support, a rework of subterranean exploration, life class costumes, and the creation of a new planet are all part of Dragon and Home’s 2022 goals.

So Habbo is putting in a lot of effort in the NFT game: “Owners of NFTs from the Habbo Avatars collection will be able to play in-game as their own unique avatar with additional privileges such as Habbo Club and Builders Club memberships, as well as special NFT furni goods.” NFT furni is one of the most intriguing NFT integrations in the game to date, and it can be used to decorate your Habbo space in the same way as any other furni.”

Cheaters in Call of Duty: Warzone are finding out that Activision is stepping up its anti-cheat game with a few unpleasant shocks.

Elvenar is in charge of the event Forbidden Ruins:

For players over level 235, La Tale has introduced a new Awakening skill system:

Bella Poarch joined Ragnarok Origin as a “ambassador” for the game:

mop-up-avEvery year, the MMO business produces an increasing amount of news; no one website could possibly cover it all. That’s why, every week, we compile all the extras in The MOP Up, our weekly roundup of MMO news we don’t want to go lost in the gaps of time. Send us your breaking news through our tip line!


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