The mod, which is a file that changes the appearance of something in the game from what it originally looked like to another thing, has become popular and was downloaded over 1 million times. It’s been renamed ‘The First God of War PC Mods Let You Play As Beardless.’

The “god of war pc” is a game that has been known for being one of the best games ever. Now, thanks to the “First god of war pc Mods,” you can play as Beardless.

The First God of War PC Mods Let You Play As Beardless

The First God of War PC Mods Let You Play As Beardless Kratos, Turn His Shield Invisible

As soon as the PC version of God of War was announced, it was reasonable to expect that someone would find out a method to modify the game in some manner. And that’s exactly what occurred, with the first modifications arriving immediately after the game’s release.

The initial PC modifications for God of War don’t make any significant changes to the game’s gameplay, instead focusing on the aesthetic side of things. We’ve compiled a few examples worth examining if you intend on following Kratos through to the finish of his trip, whether it’s basic reskins or reshades that make its environment even more colourful.

The First God of War PC Mods Let You Play As Beardless Kratos, Turn His Shield Invisible

The First God of War PC Mods Let You Play As Beardless Kratos, Turn His Shield Invisible

God of War, released in 2018, reveals a new side of Kratos, who now wears a quite spectacular beard. If beards and brows aren’t your thing, a mod may take them away, leaving the protagonist’s look merely somewhat strange.

Kratos’ weapons are crucial to defeating the enemies he faces on his quest. While his combat style isn’t quite simple, the invisble shield and invisible wrist armor upgrades let you get closer while still allowing you to use all of the hero’s abilities.

Another worthwhile God of War PC mod is one that allows you to choose between seeing less and no fog throughout your game.

There’s a reshade mod that makes the game’s setting appear even more alive if you want more brilliant colors that remind you of high fantasy artwork.

Finally, these two useful save files allow you to bypass the game’s first cutscene and get access to a plethora of unlockables.

It’s still early days for God of War’s PC modifications, but with any hope, we’ll be seeing more in the coming months. Check out what other PlayStation titles are coming to PC as we wait for them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you mod god of war?

A: There is no modding on the God of War PS4.

What is the first God of War game?

A: While the first game in the God of War series was released on PlayStation, it is not an official installment. Instead, Kratos original adventure took place on Sonys console- The Playstation 2.

How many parts does god of war have?

A: There are 12 parts to the god of war games.

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