Star Wars is one of the world’s most popular brands, and with good reason. It has been a part of pop culture since its creation in the seventies, often setting new trends for films and TV shows to come. But it was only when Star Wars became a gaming phenomenon that its reach truly stretched into all corners of our modern lives.,

The “star wars games pc free” is a list of the best Star Wars games on PC. It includes both single player and multiplayer titles.

The Best Star Wars Games on PC

The Best Star Wars Games on PC

On Disney Plus, the Obi-Wan Kenobi season will premiere shortly! There’s also a game to be had to some extent! Because it’s a terrific time to be a Star Wars fan, we decided it was the perfect moment to update our list of the Best Star Wars Games For PC… and we did!

Please keep in mind that this is an official PC-only competition, therefore emulators aren’t eligible. Rogue Leader, farewell! It’s been a long time, Super Star Wars! Find the Teras Kasi Masters who have gone missing! We’ll go through the Runners-Up, then the Top 8 Greatest Star Wars Games of All Time, but first, let’s have a look at the ones that didn’t make the cut…

This isn’t the kind of game you’re looking for.

Starfighter: Attempting to bridge the gap between Rogue Squadron and X-Wing, it failed to please fans of both franchises. It’s still worth buying, but the Phantom Menace-only option detracts from the nostalgic factor.

Star Wars Galaxies: A respectable initial attempt at a Star Wars MMO, based in the original trilogy and developed by the same people who brought you Everquest, but horrible design mistakes and continuous overhauls destroyed all player enthusiasm, and the game itself followed suit.

The Best Star Wars Games on PC

Despite being the predecessor of the Rogue Squadron series, Shadows of the Empire is utterly unplayable. I’m going to push myself to play it, although it’s not very good.

Rebel Assault Series: The first is awful, and the second is even worse, but at least it has a fully-acted tale. But I can’t recommend either, and it’s not only because the difficulty spikes will make you punch your display.

Force Commander: At the last minute, what could have been a fun 2D RTS was converted into a terrible 3D RTS. It is not a game to be played.

The Phantom Menace: Surprisingly, this is the PC’s sole direct movie tie-in. Play it to understand why this is a good thing.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no

Now let’s go to the games you want to play! Let’s start the countdown with two lists for fun’s sake. Then there’s the Great… and then there’s the just Good!

The Second-Place Finishers – They’ve Got It Where It Matters, Kid

The Best Star Wars Games on PC


Motive is a game developed by DICE/EA Motive.

Year of publication: 2017

Shooter (genre)

Origin is where you can find it.

It seemed like EA’s second Battlefront would possibly enter the Top 8 List for a time. It was a foregone conclusion that DICE would solve the flaws in the last Battlefront, such as expanding the content and adding a single-player component, and the game would be a shoo-in. They did, and Battlefront 2 is a lot of fun, but EA spoiled the entire experience by introducing a microtransaction-based advancement system. The potential to upgrade characters with game-breaking skills in a balanced multiplayer game is bad enough, but randomizing how you receive these abilities by placing them in Loot Crates enraged the community – and the rest of the world – by adding gambling to a game that children could play. Battlefront 2 is still enjoyable, as is the single-player campaign, but it might have been much better if it weren’t for EA’s avarice.

Battlefront 2 is the first Star Wars game to have content from all three film eras: prequel, classic, and sequel. Apart from Disney Infinity, that is…

The Best Star Wars Games on PC


LucasArts is the creator of this game.

Year of Publication: 1999

Real-Time Strategy is a genre.

GOG is where you can get it.

For the third attempt by LucasArts to make a strategy game in a galaxy far, far away they basically just went “poodoo, let’s just wholesale copy Age of Empires”. And lo, BATTLEGROUNDS IN THE GALAXY was born. I’m not exaggerating either, this game was a straight-up mod of Age of Empires II. This ultimately leads to a very fun game of course, but one with quite a few quirks. For example, Gungans as a faction are technologically on-par with the Galactic Empire, Jedi can convert enemy units to their side as if they were Monks, and worker droids require food. Worth playing for sure, but don’t expect something wildly imaginative.

Fun fact: The game was so similar to Age of Empires II that LucasArts had to put Ensemble Studios (AoE’s creator) on the box and license the engine!

The Best Star Wars Games on PC


LucasArts is the creator of this game.

Year of Publication: 1999

Racing is the genre.

Available on: At this time, it is not available.

There are two good things that came out of The Phantom Menace: Darth Maul, and this game. RACER IN EPISODE I succeeds where the movie failed, in that it’s actually fun. LucasArts nailed exactly what players want from a futuristic WipeOut/F-Zero-style racing game, which equals “speed”, “tight controls” and “simplicity”. Don’t go over-the-top with heavy weaponry or silly level design, just make the cars/podracers fast and the tracks fun to shoot around. RACER IN EPISODE I was exactly this. It may be very basic, and it must be the only Star Wars game ever to have boring music, but it’s fun and at the end of the day what more could you ask for?

Racer makes a cameo in Episode II: Attack of the Clones, which is a fun fact. Look at the sports screen on the left at the dingy tavern on Coruscant towards the opening of the movie.

The Best Star Wars Games on PC


Coolhand Interactive is the creator of this game.

Year of Publication: 1998

4X Strategy is a genre.

GOG is where you can get it.

The earliest effort at creating a real-time strategy game in the Star Wars world, which was inspired by Master of Orion, has resurfaced. This was despised at the time. The paucity of ground missions, the terrible visuals (even for 1998), and the complicated UI were all criticized by critics. However, if you look at the GOG player reviews, you’ll find nothing but positive feedback. Despite the issues, the three most critical components for this Rebellion’s survival are present: strategy, gameplay depth, and a passion of Star Wars. If you’re looking for a Star Wars 4X strategy, this should suffice.

In the United Kingdom and Ireland, rebellion was dubbed “Supremacy.” No one is fully sure why. It’s either a board game or Aliens Vs Predator creators Rebellion, who are located in the United Kingdom.

The Best Star Wars Games on PC


Factor 5 is the creator of this game.

Year of Publication: 1998

Arcade Action Shooter is a genre of video game.

GOG is where you can get it.

Rogue Leader, the magnificent arcade-y flying shooter that enabled players to visit every battle and planet in the Classic Trilogy, is without a doubt one of the best Star Wars games of all time. We don’t have it on PC (no, Dolphin doesn’t count), so we’ll have to settle for the first game in the Rogue Squadron series, which isn’t nearly as excellent. While the visuals have aged, the game is still tremendously enjoyable and addicting, with crisp controls, a strong feeling of difficulty, and a classic setting that puts it well ahead of the mediocre Starfighter.

Fun fact: The series was a spin-off from Factor 5’s own Shadows of the Empire, whose initial level flying about on Hoth was so well received that LucasArts requested Factor 5 to create a completely new game based on it. When Factor 5 folded, they were also working on a trilogy remastering of the whole series.

The Best Star Wars Games on PC

BATTLEFRONT I & II (the Originals)

Pandemic Studios is the game’s creator.

Date of Publication: 2004/2005

Online Shooter is a game genre.

GOG is where you can get it., Battlefront I not currently available

The Battlefront series is Star Wars for many players. The original game effectively adapted the Battlefield paradigm for the Star Wars world, and Battlefront II took it even further, with a fun campaign, unique Heroes characters customized for each level, including Yoda and the Emperor, maps from all three films, and space warfare. It’s no surprise that folks are complaining about the lack of features in EA’s new Battlefront games after Battlefront II provided so much. It still looks and plays a little shabby, but thanks to GOG making the game available online again, it’s gone up this list! Hooray!

Before Disney and EA turned it over to DICE, Pandemic, Free Radical (TimeSplitters), Slant Six (SOCOM), Spark Unlimited (Lost Planet 3), and LucasArts themselves worked on the shelved Battlefront III. Assets from Battlefront 3 showed up in Slant Six’s Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, which cost them not just the Star Wars but also the Resident Evil licenses.

The Best Star Wars Games on PC


LucasArts is the creator of this game.

Date of Publication: 2009 (on PC)

Action/Adventure is the genre.

Steam is where you can get it.

Considering the lacklustre port and the atrocious sequel (which I’m pointedly not including as part of this entry) you may be surprised seeing this game so high. While undoubtedly not a great game, with its poor camera, ridiculous rollercoaster of a difficulty curve and that sodding Star Destroyer bit, THE FORCE HAS BEEN UNLEASHED is high for one reason: it’s a big-budget interestingly-written near-canon Star Wars story, and the only reason it’s not canon is because of Disney. It’s still bags of fun, prominently features Darth Vader, and tells a proper story that feels like a movie. Most of the other games on this list feel like great games – but THE FORCE HAS BEEN UNLEASHED feels like Star Wars, so much so that it’s probably the game I’d be most likely to play. And that’s why it’s so high. Seriously, f*** that camera though.

Sam Witwer, who voiced the Emperor, Darth Maul, and The Son in Starkiller, would go on to voice other legendary Star Wars characters in subsequent games and animations (the embodiment of the Dark Side, opposite Nathalie “Juno Eclipse” Cox as The Daughter). Furthermore, the game’s strong “Purge Troopers” are a pre-production variant of FORCES OF THE DARK’ Dark Troopers.

The Best Star Wars Games on PC


DICE is the creator of this game.

Date of Publication: 2015

Online Shooter is a game genre.

Origin is where you can find it.

Without a question, EA’s first Star Wars game isn’t flawless. It suffered a shortage of material at launch, as well as the loss of many of Pandemic’s Battlefront II’s creative concepts. It is, nevertheless, genuinely remarkable when it works. DICE has nailed the Star Wars look and feel, and dying can be entertaining in most cases. Galactic Assault is massive, Heroes Vs Villains is a ton of fun, and now that the Season Pass is free, there’s even more stuff, such maps and scenarios based on Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Rogue One. Still worth a shot, and the fact that the previous game is so much higher up shows how horribly EA screwed up Battlefront 2.

Fun fact: DICE went to LucasFilm and meticulously designed every vehicle based on the original film models, including visiting set locations (such as Norway for Hoth) to ensure that everything looked right.

The Best Star Wars Games on PC


LucasArts is the creator of this game.

Date of Publication: 1995

FPS (first-person shooter)

Steam is where you can get it., GOG

I debated long and hard with myself whether to put this over the next game in this list, bumping it to the hallowed “greatest Star Wars games” section, but I just couldn’t do it. While FORCES OF THE DARK has some fantastic level design, a fun storyline, levels filled with secrets that you’ll miss unless you go exploring, and a focus on pure FPS gameplay without all that Jedi stuff… it just has too many quirks to recommend. No mid-level saving (even Doom has that), no look up/down on mouselook, and it’s difficult to get looking nice. It’s still great, but I’d struggle to recommend playing it now unless you’re really committed and really nostalgic.

Fun Fact: The FORCES OF THE DARK series up to Jedi Knight would get remade as a series of young adult novels, which themselves became a full-cast audio drama. It’s like a brand new movie!

And now, ladies and gentlemen, we offer the Top 8 Greatest Star Wars Games on PC, in honor of the upcoming release of Episode VIII!

The Top 8 Star Wars PC Games! – The Resistance’s Finest Pilots!

The Best Star Wars Games on PC


Avalanche/Disney is the developer.

Date of Publication: 2016

Action/Adventure is the genre.

Steam is where you can get it.

Wait, didn’t this close down? Well, yeah. But then Disney made the base game available on its own on Steam, complete with all Playsets and Characters, just with no online content or paid DLC. Which is a good thing, for the most part. That nets you full games based on The Clone Wars, Classic Trilogy and The Force Awakens, with the ability to play as most of the best characters from those franchises, with full voice acting. You can mess about in the levels, do side missions or follow the actually-kinda-fun story. The combat’s surprisingly good too, as it’s done by Ninja Theory. It’s the only game on this list with all three Star Wars time periods, and while kiddie-orientated it is fun. Definitely.

Fun fact: There’s also a narrative Playset based on Pixar’s Inside Out, albeit it’s more of a bad platformer tie-in than anything else.

The Best Star Wars Games on PC


Bioware is the creator of this game.

Date of Publication: 2011

MMO is a kind of game.

Origin is where you can find it.

Yes, it’s a classic WoW-style MMO, and yes, everyone (even EA and Bioware) would have liked an offline sequel to a series higher on this list. Nonetheless, The Old Republic eclipses all other games in terms of scale, breadth, and depth. Explore enormous planets throughout the Star Wars universe as Jedi, Sith, Stormtroopers, Bounty Hunters, and Han Solos of many races and genders! Take part in a variety of epic tales, with more being added four years later! Fight online with a friend or a group of gamers! Most crucially, unlike The Elder Scrolls Online or many other MMOs, the game recognizes when you’re in a group and adjusts talks to include everyone! Finally, if you don’t want to pay any money, you may play the full game for free (though I do recommend purchasing anything since it comes with a few useful advantages). Yes, like every MMO, it’s a time suck with too much walking across overly large locations, but if I had to assess “best” based on “fun value for money,” The Old Republic would easily win.

Fun Fact: Disney have stated that everything in Star Wars after the buyout would be canon, including BATTLEFRONT OF THE STAR WARS. So does that mean that The Old Republic is canon? It’s still getting story content this year, and it is EA after all. I say yes. So yay, that means Revan’s canon!

The Best Star Wars Games on PC


TT Games is the creator of this game.

2005, 2006, 2007, and 2011

Genre: Platforming/Adventure

Steam is where you can get it.

We continue to believe that the LEGO games are fanboy fantasy franchise titles that fans refuse to recognise due to the LEGO factor. The Star Wars saga is the peak of LEGO excellence. You may go through all six movies in The Complete Saga and see them completely parody without any of that current voiceover bullshit, then collect every character in the series. I don’t care whether Amanda Kirby or Nick Van Owen are unlocked in LEGO Jurassic World, but I’d walk through fire to play Yak Face or Nien Nunb. The Clone Wars is more sophisticated, but it’s still a lot of fun. Multi-buildings and a clever shooter cover-system are also included in The Force Awakens. They’re all pure entertainment for people of all ages, and isn’t that what Star Wars is all about?

Fun fact: Because LucasArts was so unconcerned with the first LEGO Star Wars, it was the first Star Wars game since the original Atari arcade game to be released without the LucasArts/LucasFilm Games branding on the box. They quickly altered their minds as it became the tenth best-selling game of 2005. Disney and Pirates of the Caribbean had a similar experience.

The Best Star Wars Games on PC


Petroglyph is the creator of this project.

Date of Publication: 2006

RTS (Real-Time Strategy)

Steam is where you can get it., GOG

LucasArts went to the ex-Westwood crew at Petroglyph to finally get it right after so many bad starts in attempting to develop a Star Wars RTS… and they did! Empire At War pits the Rebellion against the Empire for the galaxy’s future, allowing the player to command a variety of forces, including specialties like Darth Vader, in epic land and space conflicts. The ground fights were difficult and tactical, albeit a bit cramped, but the space battles were incredible. The ability to target different areas of starbases for different effects (like destroying Hangars to prevent fighters from harassing you) was brilliant, the action cam was useless but beautiful, and if you played as the Empire, you could fire the Death Star once it was built and wipe out the entire planet. You’ll even get to turn on the light. Drool.

Fun fact: After playing Han Solo, actor John Armstrong went on to voice Indiana Jones in Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings. He is the most recent actor to portray Indiana Jones, having done it six years ago. Disney, hurry up, Harrison Ford isn’t going to live forever.

The Best Star Wars Games on PC


LucasArts is the creator of this game.

Date of Publication: 2005

Tactical first-person shooter

Steam is where you can get it., GOG

Finally, a game in the Prequel Trilogy that is genuinely good. From the perspective of a soldier, Republic Commando depicts a grittier vision of Star Wars. Set during the Clone Wars, this shooter had a nice look, superb and demanding gunplay, immersive level design, and just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, LucasArts unleashed the showpiece: squad leadership. Players may quickly instruct fellow Commandos Fixer, Scorch, and Sev to do various acts using a simple, straightforward interface, and remarkably, the proper one will always follow the appropriate sequence – for example, Scorch will blow up a door while Fixer will discreetly hack it. Republic Commando was a well developed, inventive, and entertaining game, and I’m still disappointed that Imperial Commando was never released.

Fun fact: Karen Traviss continued the concept into a great series of books, ultimately becoming the promised Imperial Commando. Traviss, on the other hand, was so upset when The Clone Wars TV series omitted her version of Mandalore (a major plot element in the books) from canon that she left the show and hasn’t returned to Star Wars since. The Commandos would ultimately be established in the Clone Wars, while Mandalore’s moon Concordia would be revealed as Traviss’ rendition of the planet.

The Best Star Wars Games on PC


Totally Games is the creator of this game.

Originally released in 1993, 1994, 1997, and 1999.

Space Combat is a genre.

GOG is where you can get it.

Many people consider the X-Wing series, which consists of four games, to be the best Space Combat Sims of all time. These folks are referred to be “correct” within our company. The games have a long way to go because of the sheer recognizability of the ships and the epic soundtrack, but the fantastic missions, clear UI, complexity of combat, and enjoyable game growth push it to the top of the class. Even so, it seems to be in decent condition. Although X-Wing Alliance is the most recent, most fans consider TIE Fighter to be the series’ zenith, owing to the fact that it’s more enjoyable to play as the bad guy. Oh, and Grand Admiral Thrawn, a.k.a. Evil Blue Red-Eyed Sherlock, is in it, making it the coolest thing ever.

Fun fact: Only two creators, Totally Games and Raven Software, have created games based on both Star Wars and the rival space property Star Trek. While not the only game on this list to get books, the X-Wing series has the most, with eleven novels. Mercy Kill, the concluding book in the series, was published in the pre-Disney Expanded Universe.

The Best Star Wars Games on PC


LucasArts is the creator of this game./Raven


FPS (first-person shooter)/Action Adventure

GOG is where you can get it.

While FORCES OF THE DARK II in name, the continuing adventures of Kyle Katarn changed forever the moment he picked up his father’s lightsaber. And while some were sad that the purity of the FORCES OF THE DARK gameplay was abandoned what came out was the best series of Jedi simulators LucasArts would ever release. Some may have better stories (see the Number One on this list) or higher production values (THE FORCE HAS BEEN UNLEASHED) but none offer better lightsaber combat or as satisfying a range of Force Powers. Furthermore, the level design was consistently amazing, with some wonderful use of verticality. Oh, and in all bar Jedi Outcast you could turn to the Dark Side and even become the new Emperor. Yay!

Fun fact: This is the first Star Wars videogame series set fully after Return of the Jedi, and until The Force Awakens, the live-action FMVs in Jedi Knight were the only post-Battle of Endor sequences recorded by LucasFilm. ILM re-used the Dark Side conclusion of Jedi Knight, which included a shuttle transporting a Dark Side user soaring through an industrial region on Coruscant through a vertical-raising hangar door to the Imperial Palace, in the Attack of the Clones climax, when Count Dooku meets Darth Sidious.

The Best Star Wars Games on PC


Bioware is the creator of this game./Obsidian

Originally published in 2003/2005.

RPG (role-playing game)

Steam is where you can get it., GOG

It was a close one between Knights of the Old Republic I & II and the Jedi Knight series, especially as the combat is infinitely more satisfying in the latter, but for the overall experience KOTOR feels most like you’re playing through a proper epic Star Wars story. The first game abandons everything from the movies and yet is infinitely more Star Wars-y than the prequels, with an embattled Republic desperately holding out against the evil Sith Empire lead by the despicable Darth Malak. The destruction of Taris is shocking, the wonderful twist halfway through challenges “I am your father” for the biggest gut-punch of the franchise, the superb range of characters illustrate Bioware at their best, and the whole thing feels like an epic fight for the galaxy.

The companions in Obsidian’s sequel are undoubtedly better, and the tale delightfully dissects Star Wars clichés and challenges player assumptions, such as how the old Force mentor is really the major villain. Oh, and the Steam version of KOTOR2 has recently been updated to include the fan-made Restored Content mod, allowing you to enjoy the whole tale on your PC. Together, the Knights of the Old Republic games are the pinnacle of Star Wars gaming, and I’ll bend my wookiee if they don’t receive a remake, real sequel, or Anthology Movie in the next several years.

Drew Karpyshyn, a KOTOR writer, would continue Revan and the Exile’s journey in the Old Republic book Revan. These events set the stage for Karpyshyn’s Darth Bane books, in which he establishes the Sith Order’s “Rule of Two,” which asserts that there can only be two Sith Lords at any one moment. These books are now largely canonized, thanks to the introduction of Darth Bane in The Clone Wars, bolstering my belief that the Knights of the Old Republic trilogy is canon. I’m ecstatic.



So there you have it, PC gamers: the finest Star Wars games in the galaxy. How many do you have in your possession? And now that The Last Jedi is out, how many will you be purchasing or replaying? “All of them,” we say in response to both inquiries. And remember, I’ll always be there for you. Now I must go; my planet need my presence. Long may you live and thrive.

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The “best free star wars games” is a list of the best Star Wars games on PC. The list goes into detail about each game and what makes them so good.

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Which Star Wars game is the best?

A: The best Star Wars game is probably Jedi Outcast.

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