Most of us know about the first generation of games, Pokemon Red and Blue, and the original 151 Pokemon. But what about the later generations and Pokemon exclusive to the later generations? If you want to know more about the best Ground Type Pokemon, go no further than the list below!

Ground Pokemon have been a staple in the series since the very beginning. Their harder-to-avoid natural weaknesses make them a hard-hitting force in battle, and their ability to lay down a lot of damage on early-game Pokémon makes them a favorite among many trainers. For the most part, Ground types tend to have a few signature moves that they can use to their advantage. Here are the best Ground types from all generations.

Now that you’ve caught all of the Pokemon that are currently available, let’s take a look at the best ground type Pokemon from all generations.

UPSC or Union Public Service Commission is the body which conducts the EPFO examination. The Employment Fund agency, the Department of Labor and Employment, offers an exceptional opportunity to all graduates who want to work in the public sector. This EPFO function is non-departmental and falls under the category Central Services Group B.

There are always many vacancies at the EPFO. After passing the OPET examination and completing other formalities, one can apply for this post. The EPA exam is a self-completion test that consists of a written exam and an interview. If you join the EPFO, you can become an enforcer or an accountant. The EPFO officer is responsible for field work and compliance monitoring. On the other hand, the accountant sits in the office and performs various tasks related to his job.

Selection Criteria for the EPFO Examination

There are certain qualification requirements for participation in the EPFO exam. These include the following:

Age restrictions: There is no minimum age as such, but the maximum age for the EPFO exam is indeed 30 years. On the other hand, the UPSC provides some age exemption for EPFOs, ex-servicemen, SCs and STs, among others,

5 years for SC/ST candidates
3 years for OBC candidates
5 years for EPFO employees
5 years for Commission employees and ex-servicemen
5 years for U.T. and Central Government employees
10 years for physically challenged

Candidates who have completed a bachelor’s degree in any of the subjects from a recognized Indian university are eligible to participate in the EPFO examination. Candidates with 5 years integrated degree in Law, B.A., M.A. in B.A., Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary, etc. are also eligible for this post.

What is the application procedure for the EPFO exam?

The application procedure for the EPFO exam consists of two steps. These steps are split into two parts for record purposes.

Part I

Visit the official website of UPSC
Click on the option where you will find the online application form of EPFO for the post of Enforcement Officer or Registration Officer.
A new page titled Registration Part
Enter your information, such as. B. Your final certificate X or XII
Your telephone number, e-mail address and address
Marital status
Identity document and identification number
Your diplomas
Mother’s and father’s name
Date of birth

Once you have entered all the information, click Save and continue.

Shortly afterwards you will be asked to confirm your details, click on the I accept option. This ends the recording of the first part.

Your registration ID will be generated immediately. Write this down somewhere. In addition, an email will be sent to the applicant’s registered email address with important registration information.

Part II Registration

After entering the details, select the payment method and quickly pay the registration fee for the EPFO exam.
You will be asked to upload a scanned copy of your signature and photo
Choose the testing center of your choice and submit the EPFO form
Pay for the EPFO exam

If the candidate cannot pay online, he/she can pay in cash at the nearest State Bank of India branch and get a challan online. However, if you wish to pay online, you can do so with a debit or credit card or through online banking.

EPFO Audit Plan

The EPFO examination covers the following subjects

Freedom struggle in India
Indian economy and politics
Development issues and current affairs
Principles of accounting
Labour law and industrial relations
Computer applications and general sciences
Quantitative skills and mental abilities
Indian social security
EPFO exam patterns

The audit of the EPFO, which is carried out by the Union Utilities Commission, comprises two checks. This includes a written exam and an interview. High marks are given for the written exam and students who pass the exam are only invited for an interview. A written test is used to screen out questionable candidates.

The written exam consists of 100 points and has a weighting of 75%. The interview is also 100 points, but the weighting is 25%. The candidate has 2 hours to complete the written exam. All questions are assessed in the same way. The exam consists of multiple-choice questions where you must choose only one option to give the correct answer.

You can take the exam in English or Hindi. Incorrect or incomplete answers will be given a negative mark. If a candidate chooses a wrong answer, 1/3 of a point will be deducted. If you leave the question unanswered, there is no deduction.

EPFO acceptance card

The candidate can get his EPFO admit card from the official website of UPSC. You can download it from the website by entering your login number, registration number or roll number. Below are some steps to follow to download an EPFO registration card.

Visit the official website on the admit card optionSelect the exam, 1C Accountant/Inspector9 Click on the download optionClick on the I agree option after reading the instructionsYou can download the EPFO admit card using the list number, registration number or application number.
This allows you to view your EPFO card. You can easily download it in PDF format.
Career opportunities

If you pass the EPFO exam and become a prison officer, you will receive a 7th class commission. Yes, an accounting officer or senior manager is eligible for the 7th Amendment. Salary commission paid at step 8 of the salary matrix. In addition to this salary, you may also receive an HRA, DA, etc. Various allowances and benefits are available to the candidate.

The Accounting Officer or the Executive Officer may be responsible for, among other things, overseeing implementation, collection, treasury management, legal matters, accounting, etc.

How do you prepare for the EPFO exam?

To pass the EPFO exam, you need to prepare well. You can start by preparing by topic. Start by sorting through the topics and give yourself plenty of time for each one. This is the best way to pass the exams. Read the questions from last year’s EPFO. This will help you better understand what you have learned about the themes and topics.

Make sure you check everything in a timely manner. Until the last week before the exam, you should do nothing but take notes. Try taking online practice tests. This will increase your confidence in handling the questions and help you decide whether or not you can answer the question.

By practicing the practice exams, the candidate can gain more confidence in the final exam. Remember, the most important thing is confidence and motivation. Never think about giving up. Keep trying and do your best by preparing for the EPFO exam, as this is your only chance to achieve your dream and get a white-collar job.In Pokemon, Ground-type Pokemon have always been consistently strong and useful in the game, but not many of them have stood out over the years. I have classified the best Ground-type Pokemon that I believe all of the generations have seen in order to help you determine which ones you should use.. Read more about best ground type pokémon shield and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best ground type Pokemon?

Grass-type Pokemon are the best ground type Pokemon.

What is the best ground type Pokemon Gen 1?

The best ground type Pokemon Gen 1 is Diglett.

What is the best ground type move?

The best ground type move is Earthquake.

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