A group of teenage hackers have been targeting software giants like Microsoft and Ubisoft. With both schools and government agencies warning kids to stay away from the internet, these young criminals are stealing information that would otherwise be out of reach for them.

Teen hackers plunder software giants like Microsoft and Ubisoft


If a genie ever gave me three wishes, you can bet that one of them would be spent on a legitimate sequel to the 1995 masterwork Hackers, with the original cast. And that dream will be fulfilled without any regrets.

A separate bunch of hackers is generating no end of digital hijinks, according to people who pay more attention to the media than to ’90s movies. According to Kotaku, a gang of “suspected adolescents” has hacked into some of the largest names in the software business, including Microsoft, Ubisoft, and Nvidia. The hackers are said to have stolen top-secret designs and source code.

The hacking gang’s claimed leader is a 16-year-old English youngster who has linked up with an international network of teenagers to breach cybersecurity and ridicule organizations. While this is humorous, it is less amusing to learn that some of the group’s operations included doxxing people and adversely impacting these firms’ consumers.

According to Microsoft, the gang has engaged in a “large-scale social engineering and extortion effort against various organizations” that is so blatant it doesn’t try to hide its traces.


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