Most of us have played games to earn money before, but what about a game that let’s you make money as you play? That’s exactly what you get in Taxi Chaos, a game that challenges you to drive your taxi around a 3D city picking up and dropping off passengers as fast as you can. The more you pick up, the more you can make, but watch out for the police, or you’ll get a ticket and lose money!

For a long time, there has been a lack of good taxi games. Even moreso for online taxi games. This is why I was so excited to see Crazy Taxi come back in a mobile game called Taxi Chaos. The game has been given a more modern look and feel but still has all of the crazy action from the original game.

There are many options out there when it comes to making money in games, but few are as fast and easy as Crazy Taxi. Players of the original Crazy Taxi almost always mention either the original’s graphics or the fact that the game is so much fun. Now the game is back with an updated look, and the addition of a new first-person mode, which makes it one of the best games of the year.

One of the Dreamcast’s most important games was Sega’s arcade version of Crazy Taxi. A ridiculously addictive game where players take on the role of a taxi driver in a city that looks a lot like San Francisco, this is one of the few games that almost everyone wanted to play. Whether it was hardcore gamers or people who had never held a laptop in their hands before, the appeal of Crazy Taxi was irresistible. There was a sequel, and the game was ported to newer systems, but Crazy Taxi has largely fallen into nostalgic oblivion. Since it was originally a coin-op game, it focuses on a tight schedule in which players must pick up and deliver as many passengers as possible for the stakes. The Green Day-licensed songs add to the punk fun, and the arcade driving features are infectiously humorous. It’s a game that can be easily passed around and competed with at a low level. Taxi Chaos is a clear attempt to recreate the magic of Crazy Taxi , and for the most part it does an admirable job of recreating that old arcade experience.

Taxi Chaos Review: It’s time to make some crazy money

word-image-4137 In the game Taxi Chaos, you choose one of the two taxi drivers, choose your car and collect the fare. In the age of Uber, a game about driving a taxi has a nice appeal, but it lacks a touch of realism to bring back the nostalgic mood. The physics of the driving are pure old-school, the car behaves absurdly, can control itself in the air and generally doesn’t follow the fun-destroying laws of nature. After all, this is not a driving simulator. The setting of the game, New Yellow City, is inspired by New York City. It’s big enough to have different themed areas and landscapes, with plenty of landmarks to move around naturally. In Arcade and Free modes, you have a GPS arrow to guide you. There is no tutorial in the free-to-play Pro mode, and players just need to know how to get by in the game. Here are some minor variations on the theme of the original Crazy Taxi . First, your car has a jump button that allows you to get out of traffic and over obstacles if you have enough speed. Although there are only two taxi drivers in the game (Crazy Taxi has four different personalities), there are seven different vehicles that can be unlocked. New taxis become available after you reach certain goals, such as B. Achieve a four or five star approval rating in the various game modes. Each car has different specifications and therefore at least slightly different driving and speed characteristics. Speed is especially important in the main arcade mode, where you have 90 seconds to collect and deliver as many races as possible as quickly as possible. Pro and Free Roam are unlocked after a few games in Arcade mode. There are special rates with lots of dialogue, and many of the comments are quite funny. These clients organize a kind of egg hunt all over the world. You name the item you want (protein bars, shake pads, etc.) and you’ll find them hidden all over town. When you have enough, you can open a special box. word-image-10464 Taxi Chaos generally captures well the absurd, frenetic pace and style of Crazy Taxi , but it is certainly not without its flaws. The new Yellow City is interesting, but one of the great joys of the original game is jumping over the insanely monstrous hills. The addition of a jump button attempts to compensate for the lack of such extreme road contours, but does not provide the same sense of urgency. There’s also a lot of unnecessary stuff in the game. It uses the same bits of dialogue too often (even between different narrators) and uses the same handful of instructions too often. Even with the special rates, it won’t take long to see most of what the world of Taxi Chaoshas to offer. Another problem is the lack of adaptability. Unlike the game it is based on, Taxi Chaos does not allow you to customize the arcade mode settings, such as… B. Increase the time limit. There is no multiplayer mode in the game, and the free mode offers nothing different or more interesting than the arcade or pro modes. Crazy Taxioffers a limited experience, sure, with coins, but the almost unchanged repetition of that concept 20 years later really underscores the fundamental shallowness of the game. Taxi Chaoseven looks retro with its low-polygon-count 3D graphics.

Taxi Chaos Review – The Conclusion of



  • This is as close to a real Crazy Taxi comeback as we can get.
  • Good selection of vehicles, interesting location
  • Three modes and absurd arcade driving features


  • Excessive use of dialogue and general instructions
  • Insufficient options and settings
  • No multiplayer

Taxi Chaos is a nice reminder of why Crazy Taxi is so great, but also why we probably won’t see this series return. Had the game been more elaborate, with more variety and other modern conveniences, this homage could have surpassed the original. The game is worth playing, but it certainly doesn’t shine as much as the Sega original. [Note: Lion Castle Entertainment provided a copy of Taxi Chaos used for this review].The Taxi Chaos app puts you in the driver’s seat of a taxi cab. This is one of the most unique games we’ve ever played. In this game, you are given the task of driving a taxi. You must pick up passengers and take them to their destination. While this is a simple concept, the game actually gets quite challenging. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*. Read more about taxi chaos wiki and let us know what you think.

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