The game is going to be much more accessible, with players having access to a wider range of functions. The new version has been redesigned and optimized for the Russian market.

Swords of Legends Online’s Firestone Legacy and F2P switchover are live as SOLO launches in Russia

The “firestone phone number” is a feature that allows players to get in touch with the developers of Swords of Legends Online. The game has recently launched in Russia, and the “firestone legacy” is live as well.


Swords of Legends Online has officially released its 2.0 patch, The Firestone Legacy, as well as the game’s free-to-play conversion, after just a little delay. If something looks abrupt, it’s because it is: It was barely a month ago when it was announced.

The update adds chapters 11 and 12 to the storyline, five new zones (Snowing Blossom Paradise, Changhe Mountain, Changfu Garden, Cloudscape Beyond Langquan Bridge, and Blade Peak on Taihua Mountain), five new 5–10 player dungeons, two new 10–20 person raids, new 3v3 and 10v10 PvP maps, a level cap increase to 37, new character slots, and two new classes: the Fox Mage and the W

“With the move to a free-to-play model, more players will be able to embark on their epic journey in Shenzhou with full access to all accessible content.” All in-game purchases, including Battle Passes, will be limited to cosmetics; there will be no pay-to-win aspects in Swords of Legends Online. Players who bought the game earlier will be eligible for significant in-game goods and benefits.”

Readers may remember that the game was meant to debut in Russia and the CIS area today as well; it was one of the major 2.0 announcement tentpole features back in January. For obvious reasons, there’s no mention of it in today’s English press release, but the launch looks to have gone off without a hitch: Russian language localization will be introduced “with a game update further down the road,” according to the patch notes, which also mention the active client and chat for Russian players.


The patch notes are lengthy, so newcomers should skim over them and check out the new trailer below.

SOLO 2.0: The Legacy of Firestone The most significant update to date delivers a change to Free-to-Play and a slew of new content to all areas!

This and more await you in Patch 2.0 – read all the details: #gameforge #gaming #MMORPG

— Swords of Legends Online (@PlaySoLOnline) March 2, 2022


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