Valve’s co-founder has warned players to be cautious of cryptocurrency gaming operators and to make sure they understand what they’re investing in before parting with their funds.

Gabe Newell, the co-founder of Steam, has warned players against “sketchy” NFT operators. He also mentioned that Valve is not interested in trading cards or other games that use blockchain technology. Read more in detail here: gabe newell.

Steam’s Gabe Newell cautions players against ‘sketchy’ NFT operators


The simmering argument over NFTs and their position in video games isn’t going away anytime soon. While some studios are searching for methods to benefit from the contentious transactions, others in the industry, notably Valve CEO Gabe Newell, are fighting back against NFTs as a whole.

Newell chastised the individuals who use NFTs rather than the technology itself in an interview with Rock Paper Shotgun. “The individuals in the space, on the other hand, are usually engaged in a lot of illicit activities and dubious conduct,” he stated. “It’s far more about the actors than the underlying technology or the reason for what we’re doing,” says the author.

Players should avoid such persons, according to Newell: “With the actors who are now in this NFT sector, they’re simply not someone you really want to be doing business with.” That doesn’t indicate anything about the underlying technology; it’s simply a reflection of the individuals who are looking at it right now as a way to defraud consumers, launder money, and do other things.”

He also mentioned NFTs’ “volatility,” which he compared to the up-and-down nature of cryptocurrencies on Steam.


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