With the Star Trek Online anniversary event coming, players are getting a new ship. The Jarok Carrier is an alliance-only escalation that features a captain’s ready room and even more crew members to join your mission on board. But this starship doesn’t come without its price: it will cost you two million dilithium ore per hour when docked at any of the three faction bases in Erickson Sector Space.

Star Trek Online’s anniversary event arrives soon with a new alliance ship, the Jarok Carrier

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It’s nearly time for the Star Trek Online anniversary event, and experienced players know that means a new Alliance ship combining the design of multiple factions. This year, it’s time for a ship combining the Romulan and Federation aesthetics in the Jarok Carrier, a new ship that has been revealed for players to enjoy. While a full rundown of the ship isn’t available yet on the official site, the diligent fans on Reddit watching the revealed compiled some art and screenshots of both the ship and its abilities and carrier pets as well.

On the plus side, details on the new event, which includes the customary Omega Particle Stabilization, a task force, and a new episode to play through, are now available. There are also party poppers and other incentives to be earned along the road, as well as the opportunity to purchase daily advancement using the game’s in-game money. Okay, that’s OK.

Jarok Alliance Carrier. Star Trek Online. I’ll upload the fighters in the future since their production deck is not ready yet. 🖖#StarTrekOnline #conceptart pic.twitter.com/HxMMElbIGy

— Hector Ortiz (@sandman979) January 20, 2022


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