A mobile game that has consistently ranked as one of the most-popular titles in the world, Star Stable is now set to enter the US market. With its recent launch, many people are wondering how will it fare?

The “star stable online” is a game that was released on the US market in May 2016. The game has 21 million registered players, making it one of the most popular games on mobile devices.

Star Stable celebrates its US mobile launch with 21M registered players


Readers may remember that Star Stable, a horse-themed kid’s MMO, was planned a mobile debut back in December, which would have placed it squarely in line with titles like Albion Online and RuneScape. December was not to be; Star Stable Entertainment AB informed us that it had to postpone the app’s release in order to complete performance improvements.

Today, I’m happy to say that it has, and as of this morning, the game has rolled out to mobile fans in a worldwide launch that will be the first opportunity for most of our readers to play it on their mobile devices (unless you were in Australia, New Zealand, or Canada and got to scope out the soft launch).

But there’s a catch: it’s just for iOS, and there’s no guarantee it’ll come to Android, unlike the smaller-scale horse minigame Star Stable Entertainment AB has previously released. This version is a “seamless cross-play” port of the original game.

“The mobile version of the world’s fastest-growing horse adventure game delivers seamless cross-play to millions of players, allowing them to experience all of the features of the desktop version of Star Stable Online on their phones and tablets.” The Star Stable Online game is designed to allow users to exercise their autonomous, creative, and adventurous abilities by allowing them to embark on tasks in an open environment inhabited by other riders. Seasonal festivals, races, and challenges are all brought to life by a colorful cast of individuals in this universe.”

“Followers of Star Stable Online have been requesting that they be allowed to play on their mobile devices, where girls and young ladies spend so much of their time. “We promised we’d work on it, and today we’re very thrilled to be able to fulfill that promise,” says CEO Johan Sjöberg, guaranteeing “the same colorful, rich experience on desktop as on mobile.” It seems to be paying off, as the studio claims that 25% of its gamers utilized mobile during the testing rounds.

According to the press announcement, the game has 21 million registered players, which isn’t bad.


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