Last week, CIG released a new Xi’an ship, called the Xi’an Refinery, a large ore processing ship that may find its way into the hands of many of Star Citizen’s players. Players can visit a new web page for the Refinery and learn what makes the ship uniquely Xi’an and then as a bonus here, we will also give a brief history of the game’s alien races.

Last week, Cloud Imperium Games debuted the Xi’an Cargo Shuttle, the first large-scale modular design for the game’s Xi’an alien race. It joins the already-unveiled Seeker Battlecruiser and Viscous Blood, plus several other ship designs that have been tweaked and polished for Star Citizen’s Alpha 3.0 release. We’ll take a closer look at the Xi’an ship in a future article.

Star Citizen is the first big-budget, crowd funded game ever made, and has been in development for nearly three years. Now, with over $150 million in funds raised, the game is about to enter its Alpha release, and the developers have released a new video showing off the Xi’an ship, the Sabre.

word-image-6323 Some of the most unique and distinctive ships in the Star Citizen lineup belong to the game’s alien builders. In the latest Inside Star Citizen video, we learn about a brand new addition to the Xi’an ship line, the Railen ship. The new vessel, which is in the design phase, is a new cargo ship from the recently established Xi’an-based shipbuilder Gatac. The Railen seats four people – a pilot, an engineer and two tower operators – and has a wide range of equipment on three different decks, all in a compact, angular silhouette. Because of this design, the ship’s hull is not designed for cargo storage; cargo is carried to sea in several permanently installed outdoor containers with a total payload of 320 SCU, one of the highest for a ship of this class. In this case, the load naturally becomes more vulnerable. The video then goes to an overview of the various alien races in the game and discusses the personalities, history, and relationships with humans for each alien species in Star Citizen in Sci-Fi . This introduction and overview of Railen is a preview of Stranger’s Week, which begins today. Fans can enjoy a completely different take on the space truck in the following video.

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