SoulWorker is a fresh server that started on July 1st, and it’s going to be putting together a number of events this month to celebrate the start. While the details of the events are still being worked out, the server will be holding a series of special events that will be live through the month of July. A number of the items in the events are specifically designed to be used by the new character that will be added to the server in the near future, and most of the events will be focused on the new character.

So SoulWorker has arrived, finally. The big news is that we’re now going to be adding a lot of events. The first one is on Monday, and it’s the start of the new Soulkeeper outfit, which will be a little different than a lot of the others. Shortly after that, we’re going to introduce a new character who’s going to be helping out the game, and we’re going to be doing a lot of other things as well.

This July is seeing the anime action MMO SoulWorker get itself a new character. Her name is Lee Nabi, a firearms-wielding firecracker who brings a whole lot of guns to a gun fight. This new character will be arriving to the game on Thursday, July 22nd, along with a leveling event running between July 22nd and August 5th that brings weekday and weekend boosts and awards various items each day.

Nabi’s arrival and subsequent event aren’t the only events happening in the month of July. Between now and July 22nd, a game-wide upgrade buff will be applied if 300 players clear the Lunar Fall encounter with an S rank, though participants will need to provide screenshotted proof of their deed. After that, there are plans for a birthday event for Jin. Details on what this will entail are being kept quiet for now, but the event will run between July 27th and July 29th. In the meanwhile, players can get a preview of the upcoming roster addition in the video after the break.

It’s been some time since SoulWorker has been on the radar, so as a refresher, this game was originally released in the west by Gameforge until the publisher elected to shut it down in April. However, the game’s Korean developer Lion Games picked up the torch, self-publishing on Steam a month later.


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