While the first Sniper Ships game (Sniper Ships on Rails) was released on release day in 2011 and was a fun and enjoyable game, it was very different in style of play. It had a level system but instead of just leveling up and gaining new abilities, you could recruit new crew members. This gave the game some depth and allowed for some interesting combinations. However, that first game didn’t really have the polish that you would expect from a Sniper Ships title. The gameplay was choppy and slow, and the UI was non-existent.

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Normally shoot ’em ups follow the familiar Spray and Pray tradition, but Sensen Games gives players a little more control in their new game Sniper Ships: Pulling rails. Targeting enemies with great precision certainly changes the formula, but is this change an improvement?

Snipers: Shoot’em Up on rails Overview

At first glance, this vertical shmup looks like all the others. Various enemies are out to destroy you, and it’s up to you and your little ship to dodge the threats and destroy them first. With many balls coming down on the player at any moment, the player must keep an eye on his position while shooting. Sniper Ships, however, gives players the ability to use heavy weapons with the Sniper skill. Of course, players can still fire off an endless stream of bullets, but lining up enemies with the mouse and pressing the button makes most threats disappear all too quickly. Using the WASD command, this unusual configuration works much better than it appears at first glance. Of course it takes some getting used to, but if you’re used to first-person shooters, you’ll get the hang of it quickly. If you want to get through all three waves and finish the game before the time runs out, you should definitely learn how to use this feature. Each wave in this game has a similar structure, with a constant stream of enemies culminating in a boss fight. These pieces are a bit mediocre, with telegraphic movements and a lack of background detail, but they still manage to be allegorical. word-image-16350 Rather, it is the presentation that proves to be both a blessing and a curse. Although the neon-lit world of Sniper Ships stands out, it’s hard to figure out what’s happening at any given time. Enemies explode en masse, and your fire can quickly mix with that of your enemies. While the ability to shoot bullets is a good thing, the amount of crap being thrown at players makes it difficult. Fortunately, the game is pretty gentle with damage: players have a shield that can take three hits. It doesn’t take long to get through the game, which means that the difficulty level of this game is at a reasonable level. In addition to the main game, players can compete for a chance to get their name on the leaderboard. It is also possible to get achievements for reaching the point threshold, not losing shields and completing each wave. Using the mouse in a shmup doesn’t seem to work, but Sniper Ships: The unconventional controls of Shoot ’em Up on Rails prove to be its strength. Although the messy graphics are a hindrance, this game has all the hallmarks of the genre.

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