The Bamboo Cutting Game is based on the Skyward Sword game itself, and a player must cut out a Skyward Sword symbol out of a giant bamboo plant in order to gain access to the next level.

Ever wanted to be like your favorite video game character? Now you can with Skyward Sword HD Bamboo Cutting Game Rewards, an interactive cutting board game that allows you to slice your favorite video game characters into fun shapes and enjoy different tastes.

Cutting down trees can be a tedious job, so here’s a game that allows you to earn Skyward Sword HD Bamboo Cutting Game Rewards while you do it! What exactly is this game? Well, it’s an augmented-reality game that requires you to cut down a virtual tree while you are playing Skyward Sword HD.

InThe Legend of Zelda There are several mini-games you can complete to earn different rewards. Skyward Sword HD. One is the Clean Cut challenge, where players must cut a piece of bamboo as many times as possible before time runs out. The more slices you get, the bigger the reward. In this guide, we’ll look at the rewards for the Bamboo Cutting game and give you some tips on how to increase your score and get the best prizes.

What are the in-game rewards for cutting bamboo inSkyward Sword HD?

There are six prizes in total in theSkyward Sword HD bamboo chopping game. The more you cut off at the cleaning job, the higher your reward. Details of the awards are given below:

  • 0-14 : Nothing
  • 15-19: 30 rupees
  • 20-27 : Evil crystal or monster horn
  • 28+ : Feather of a blue bird, feather of a goddess or golden skull

All rewards in Bamboo Cutting are random, i.e. in the last two levels you are randomly rewarded with one of the items. So you may have to play multiple times if you are looking for a certain prize.

If you don’t know where to find the Clean Cut quest, go to Bamboo Island and look for a man named Peater at Skyloft. All you have to do to play is pay him ten rupees. This is a great way to earn a few extra rupees, because even if you only get 15 cups, you triple your investment.

If you are struggling to get over 28 discs and earn the top bamboo slicing game rewards, there are several things you can do to increase your score. The easiest way to do this is to drink an endurance drink before you start the mini-game. This way you can make more sub-cuts before you get tired and easily increase your score. Additionally, as you progress and upgrade your sword in Skyward Sword HD, you can cut through bamboo more efficiently.

Finally, most players agree that bamboo is best cut horizontally, not vertically. This prevents it from moving around a lot and allows you to make more cuts to get a better payoff for cutting bamboo.

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