Shadow Warrior 3 is a third-person shooter video game developed by Flying Wild Hog and published by Devolver Digital. It was released on October 12, 2018 for Microsoft Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems. As in the previous two installments of the series, Shadow Warrior 3 follows Lo Wang’s journey to regain his honor after being disgraced as an agent with “the Society” who has gone renegade
and now fights against them using katana swords and shuriken throwing stars.,

The “shadow warrior (2013 cheats)” is a list of cheat codes for the game Shadow Warrior 3. The list includes all possible cheats and their respective console commands.

Shadow Warrior 3 Cheats

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Shadow Warrior 3 Cheats

Looking for Shadow Warrior 3 cheats on PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox Series X, Xbox One & PC? Here we’ll list Cheats for Shadow Warrior 3 and unlockables with tips for Devolver Digital & Flying Wild Hog’s new first-person shooter game.

Here we will show you how to unlock all Shadow Warrior 3 codes with a cheats list that’s valid for the PC, PS4 & Xbox One versions (where available).

Check out the cheats listed below…

Cheats for Shadow Warrior 3

Cheats for Shadow Warrior 3

Will the PC version of Unreal Engine 4 include console commands, like the Road Hog Engine did?

Unknown at present, so at launch you can try out this console command method used in the previous Shadow Warrior 1 & 2 games from the same developer studio.

Hold the CTRL and (Tilde) keys on your keyboard at the same time to enable the cheats developer console. Once you’re at the command console, put in the cheat codes provided below and press Enter to activate them.

Effect Code
1 s fly mode Fly Mode / No Clip
g player sword w1 sword Sword of the Ordinary
g player sword w1 sword_energetic Energy Blade Zilla
g player sword w1 sword_hotline_miami Katana’s Hotline
g player sword w1 sword_saints_row Purple Bat from Saint Row
g player sword w1 sword_SS3_sledgehammer Sledgehammer 3 Serious Sam
g player sword w1 sword_sw_classic Sword of the Shadow Warrior

DLC Items Unlockable in Shadow Warrior 3

SW3__Pre-Order_Katana__600x300_R2 Katana Koromodako

Bonus Freebies for All Editions When You Pre-Order:

  • Pre-order to get your hands on the exclusive Katana Koromodako – a weapon so great we gave it eight legs.

Bonus Content in the Deluxe Edition:

  • Weapon skins for your trusty SMG “Sidekicks” and the Dragontail katana in exclusive “Dragonblood” designs.
  • OST for Digital Shadow Warrior 3.
  • Officially licensed digital artbook.

Crossover Weapons: Shadow Warrior 3 x Naraka: Bladepoint

Friends who play together kill together, thus in the spirit of friendship, the fast-paced first-person adventure Shadow Warrior 3 and the action-adventure battle royale Shadow Warrior 3 A friendly weapon-exchange crossover has been announced for early 2022 by Naraka: Bladepoint.

  • Splitter for Shuriken (in Shadow Warrior 3).
  • Mask of Hoji (in Shadow Warrior 3).
  • Raikou Blade (Japanese: Raikou (in Naraka: Bladepoint).

Trailer for the Shadow Warrior 3 x NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Crossover

Tips and Tricks for Shadow Warrior 3

With a seamless combination of fast-paced gunplay, razor-sharp melee fighting, and a fantastic free-running mobility system, Shadow Warrior 3 takes the wacky first-person shooter franchise to the next level.

See the Crimson Bull, The Outlaw, the Sidekicks, and the Dragontail sword in action in Shadow Warrior 3.

Weapon Showcase in Shadow Warrior 3

Also, have a look at some of the new foes. E

Enemy Showcase in Shadow Warrior 3

Keep in mind that with Arena Kills, you may utilize environmental traps against your opponents. s

Shadow Warrior 3 – ‘That Damn Dam’ Mission Sneak Peek


There are no Shadow Warrior 3 cheats on Xbox One, PS4 & PC yet. So until they are discovered, we made the handy Shadow Warrior 3 guides listed above to help you with tips and tricks for the game!

Are there any Shadow Warrior 3 cheats or unlockables that you know of? If you tell us in the comments, we’ll give you credit for figuring it out. – Thank you for stopping by!

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The “shadow warrior classic redux cheats” is a list of cheat codes for the game. The list includes all achievements, weapons, and characters.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you enter cheats in Shadow Warrior Redux?

A: To enter cheats in Shadow Warrior Redux, open the Settings menu and choose Cheat Mode. Then enter a cheat name then press either the A or D button to add it.

How do you enable cheats in Shadow Warrior 2?

A: In order to enable cheats in Shadow Warrior 2, please do the following steps.
1) Create a shortcut on your desktop that points to the games executable file. This must be done using an account with administrative privileges on Windows or Linux systems and it is safe for anyone else who uses this computer to use these same shortcuts as well.
2) Right click on your newly created shortcut and select properties from its context menu. From there, change the Target text field to C:\ShadowWarrior2\sw2-x86_64 without quotes where x86_64 represents whatever operating system you are running (Windows 64bit). You can also paste this path into File Explorer when browsing directly through it if preferred over creating a new folder via right clicking > New > Folder… then pasting in step 1 above!

Is Shadow Warrior 3 a prequel?

A: Shadow Warrior 3 is not a prequel. Its actually set in the same universe as both games, but with different storylines.

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