As part of our continuing effort to more fully integrate the world of games into our user experience, we’ve been working hard at building new features for our players. One such development that has been in the works for some time is creating a more robust user portal, which aims to help our players organize all of their game efforts in a single location. It’s been far too easy to lose track of things in game like leveling, resources, and crafting, so we’re hoping that the new portal will bring about a more streamlined way of managing everything.

Here’s a hot one for you eager game developers! The latest dev blogs from SEED show off a bunch of new details about the game, including a few screenshots, a video and an article which you can find here:


The developer blog-a-palooza for Klang Games’ growing colony sim MMO SEED continues, with articles on cities, Seedlings, user tools, and, yes, ducks. Ducks, ducks, ducks, ducks, ducks, ducks, ducks, ducks, ducks, ducks Under the soft moonlight, a mysterious flock of ducks has gathered.

  • We’ll start with a review of a recent playtest, which provides a step-by-step account of a recent internal test of the game’s current version for anyone curious about how gameplay is progressing.
  • Seedlings are previously known to have emotions and wants, but now we’re learning about their personality characteristics, which means they’ll react to situations differently. The system will eventually have an impact on a Seedling’s development and interactions with others.
  • Building a city in the game isn’t as easy as putting a bunch of buildings together, as this dev blog demonstrates, outlining the many factors the developers examine when deciding what a city in SEED is.
  • Of course, it’s not only about cities and their structures. Interiors are essential as well, and that’s exactly what this developer blog discusses.
  • What is a city if it does not have roads? For one thing, it’s a little strange, but thankfully, players will have some control over how Seedlings travel about thanks to the placement of roadways.
  • The game’s existing website will be replaced with a new user interface that will include additional features such as a development plan.
  • Do you want to be a part of SEED? Because Klang Games is looking for new employees. They are, however, mainly leadership roles.
  • Let’s have a look at some bugs now. There was a glitch where character bags were a little too unstable, and there were also issues with ducks leaving their pond limits to cruise along roads, float menacingly towards Seelings, and spawn in huge numbers to congregate in one location. Surely for the best of intentions.

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In the Stardust update, Mabinogi introduces new Stardust talents, dungeons, and Shadow Missions.

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