I’m proud to announce that I’ve finished my trip through the “Scourgebringer” DLC for the PlayStation Vita. I say “Finished” as in, I’ve finished playing the DLC, at least. The map is still spinning in my head (pun intended) as I write this.

I’m an old school gamer, and even have my own personal collection of PlayStation 2 games. I still own a PS2, but mostly to play a handful of games I own on it. What I don’t own (not one single game) are any of the PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 games. They’re games I’ve heard about, and games that can be easily bought on the PlayStation store, but not games I’ve bought for my own personal collection. What’s so sad about that? I do have a PS3, and I still play a few games on it. I also own a lot of games on my PS Vita. But none of those are games that I own. I’m holding onto my PS Vita because I like playing

It’s difficult to judge how the PS Vita is faring following its launch in Japan in February 2013. From a sales perspective, things are looking good. Over the last two months, the portable has outsold its predecessor, the PSP Go, by over 1 million units. Despite the popular belief that Japanese gamers are less likely to buy handheld consoles, this is a trend that is being mirrored across Europe and North America.

Scourgebringer, developed by Flying Oak Games, was released in October 2020 but only migrated to the PlayStation platforms this month – a platform on which it feels at home: PlayStation Vita. Scourgebringer is another deeply complex roguelike coming to PlayStation consoles in early April, and Flying Oak Games delivers an experience that deserves to be mentioned alongside the best roguelikes on any console. On the PS Vita, however, the developer goes a step further and expertly exploits the platform’s capabilities, making Scourgebringer on the Vita an absolute must-have for anyone who still owns Sony’s portable Phoenix.

Scourgebringer: PS Vita review: endingstrong

word-image-15156 It’s amazing how a change of environment can affect our perception of something. Although Scourgebringer came out in October 2020 and I enjoyed the game on other platforms as well, the difference between my first impression and my experience on the Vita is almost like night and day. Scourgebringer fits the PS Vita’s form factor perfectly, and although it’s the smallest version of the game, nothing feels small or disappointing. The game’s many Scourgebringer colors are beautifully rendered on my PS Vita OLED model, and the screen size is just right, allowing any space to be rendered without losing important details in the environment or minimizing important text. This is an important consideration because, as with other roguelikes, the story ofScourgebringer’ takes place over the course of several games and is introduced to the player through the dialogue of past explorers. At the beginning of the game, you, Kihra, are tasked with saving your people from certain death and ending what appears to be a biblical judgment. But once you enter the monolith, the real mystery begins. But the plot is ultimately not the core of Scourgebringer. The gameplay is the star of the show, and it shines through. Scourgebringer is certainly not an easy game, but the battles are so exciting that it’s hard to tear yourself away. Throughout the game, you’ll constantly receive random bonuses and items, either from NPCs by taking out a room full of enemies or by completing quests in the various levels. Like any roguelike, Scourgebringer has a number of important and less important bonuses. They are called blessings here, and each launch depends greatly on what is available to you. You don’t need the best blessings to sink into Scourgebringer, but some make it much easier. The one constant you must remember is that you cannot be touched – ever. word-image-15157 And this is where the complexity of Scourgebringerbegins to show. Almost every room you explore in Monolith is filled with demons, devils, robots, bugs, and all sorts of other creatures that want to kill you. At the beginning of the game, you can only take six hits before you die and the game starts over. However, you can increase this number to 10 by unlocking a higher starting condition using the skill tree. It’s important to unlock certain abilities early on in the game, such as the deadly mace, which allows you to make enemy bullets fly backwards. Fortunately, you’ll find the main skills at the beginning of each branch, and even if a skill is unlocked, you can still read its description to get an idea of what you want to spend your skill points on. Despite the difficulties,Scourgebringer is hardly frustrating, as I was really having too much fun to care. The upgrades you get make you feel like the game wants you to go further than your nose, and NPC characters who support you and encourage you to improve your status don’t help matters either. word-image-15158 Kihra’s mobility is the key to Scourgebringer. Mastering the gameplay ofScourgebringerrequires some precision. While I initially thought that Kihra’s Dash’s controls would slow down the pace of the battles, the clever and timely use of her weapons and tantrums keeps the pace high and fluid, allowing for a tremendous amount of creativity in the way each fight unfolds. It all sounds great, but what makes Scourgebringer unique on PS Vita? Flying Oak continues on the Vita because it makes such good use of the platform’s toolbox. The rear touchpad is used for Haira’s weapon and rage attacks, and swiping or tapping your fingers to activate them is extremely intuitive. Such a change may seem insignificant, but that’s what makes Scourgebringer a must-have for anyone with a PS Vita; an experience like no other.

TestScourgebringer PS Vita – Results



  • Excellent battles and basic gameplay
  • Smart and intuitive use of PS Vita features and form factor
  • Beautiful pixel art design and an engaging soundtrack.


  • This particular experience is only available on a niche platform that most people can’t buy.
  • Unintentional fall of the frame during movement in space

If the striking design, intuitive controls, engaging combat and addictive main loop weren’t enough to makeScourgebringera fantastic roguelike, there are several other aspects that give the game lasting charm. The story and world of Scourgebringeris heavily focused on blood. Blood is your currency, blood affects your skill points, and the boons you receive are derived from blood – all of which makes Scourgebringer somewhat influenced byBloodborne. And the music, which crackles like lightning in every room, recalls the intensity of theDoomsoundtrack. Whether Flying Oak Games was inspired by these games or not, it feels like an intentional nod from one game to another, and that’s nice to see. Overall, there is much to like about Scourgebringer. You’ll enjoy it even more on the PS Vita, because like many indie games, this one feels perfectly at home on Sony’s handheld. The ease with which combos can be made and the way multipliers work to keep the game fast-paced is matched by the PS Vita’s controls, which are not available on other consoles. In short: Scourgebringer is the latest game to hit the PS Vita. If this is the last game released on the PS Vita, the console has certainly said goodbye with one of the highest scores possible. [Note: Flying Oak Games provided a copy of Scourgebring used for this review].”Scourgebringer” is the latest release in the PS Vita’s list of direct-to-the-heart games. It’s a hack and slash action adventure with RPG elements, similar to “Guacamelee” and “Sorcery Saga.”. Read more about upcoming ps vita games and let us know what you think.

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