It’s been a while since my last blog, but that’s because I’ve been too busy reviewing one of the biggest games of the year. Scars Above is an indie survival simulator that revolves around exploration, crafting, exploration, and crafting. It’s a little like The Legend of Zelda meets Minecraft, but instead of a sparse world with limited resources to mine, the game world is packed to the brim with all kinds of interesting and useful resources.

Hands-on with a (chart-topping) game.

In the days leading up to the release of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, has been running a series of previews of the game. Today’s preview was titled “Charting A Strange: Scars Above.”

word-image-6103 Scars Above is one of many games to be released by Prime Matter next year, and its glory lies in the interweaving of third-person combat with the exploration of a vast but strange alien world. Developed by Serbian studio Mad Head Games, the game follows protagonist Kate as she tries to navigate her surroundings and fend off wild animals that are out to get her. The Scars Above demo we saw at a Koch Media press event earlier this month began with Kate slowly walking through the futuristic corridors of the ship while a voice explained that it was time to see , which is inside our alien guest. The sequence then quickly switches to a huge planet, and Kate doesn’t know how it got there. word-image-6104 Looks like Kate was a guest, and a surprise guest at that. As she continued walking, she soon came to a strange door. After the scan, she thought about her role and wondered how she was going to manage. It was a graceful and repetitive element in the demo that not only helped make Kate’s attempts to understand her surroundings believable, but also an organic way to introduce the player to her surroundings and goals. After obtaining the V.E.R.A., a weapon that can take 8 bullets before it needs to be reloaded, the protagonist faces an alien enemy somewhat reminiscent of the terrifying Tyranids from Warhammer 40K. Although the beast emerged from the swamp and surprised her, Kate quickly tackled it before noticing its numerous salivary glands and highly venomous secret. word-image-6105 The weapon’s energy attacks, deadly to enemies, were also the key to getting past the aliens’ gate. Apparently the V.E.R.A. can also be used to freeze parts of water. A thermite magazine was also introduced, whose flaming projectiles can be used by Kate to pierce fabric webs, create passageways and destroy rather nasty eggs. Making weapons useful for navigating the planet’s environment rather than just destroying wildlife seems like an interesting approach. Although Scars Above focuses on fighting from a distance, dodging plays an important role and can help you retain healing items for longer. When fighting a slower, tougher, stone-covered opponent in a closed arena, you had to dodge his attacks to survive. The demonstration also included a puzzling sequence in which Kate had to analyze various aspects of the alien life form’s biology to understand how it makes water. It gave the impression that scientific findings were integrated into the story and game. word-image-6106 The final segment was dedicated to a boss fight with an alpha version of the rock creature from the previous game. Besides slow and strong attacks, he could also defend himself with his hand. Kate’s weapon could also do rudimentary damage, freezing or setting an opponent on fire. Scars Above has been described as Alice in Wonderland meets Alien, , and that’s a pretty accurate description of the atmosphere it evokes. The flashy, nightmarish planet was undoubtedly the star of the show, but developer Mad Hatter Games hasn’t deviated from its goal of letting you use believable weapons and technology to solve the problems you face. Scars Above is a single-player game coming out in 2022 on PC and consoles. Follow video game news on Twitter , watch our videos on YouTube, like us on Facebook and join us on Discord.Charting a strange is a project that is like an old school run and gun-style shooter for the 21st century. You’re playing as an alien race and you must use your weapons to fight the invading humans. You’re the aliens, you’re the invaders.. Read more about post burn contracture treatment and let us know what you think.

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