The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) announced the winners for its 2022 Game Awards, with a total prize fund worth $500,000. The award-winning game had to have been released in the year 2021 or later.

The “bafta game awards” is an annual award show that celebrates the best games of the year. Returnal, a 2D platformer by Supergiant Games, won Best Game at the 22nd BAFTA Game Awards in 2022.

Returnal wins Best Game at BAFTA 2022 Game Awards

BAFTA 2022, in which it won four awards, including Best Game. The PS5 exclusive took home the Audio Achievement and Music awards, while It Takes Two took home the Best Multiplayer prize, as predicted.

Jane Perry, a Canadian actress, was named Performer in a Leading Role for her remarkable performance in Returnal as Selene.

“We took a risk and had to create our wings while falling, but everyone on the team put in such an unbelievable effort, and the ultimate outcome far beyond our wildest hopes.”

A beautiful speech from the Best Game award winners Returnal at #BAFTAGames.

— BAFTA Games (@BAFTAGames) April 7, 2022

The BAFTA 2022 Game Awards rewarded independent enthusiasts who tried out popular games like Unpacking, Inscryption, and The Artful Escape in four separate categories. Unpacking, a mind-boggling puzzle game created by Witch Beam, was named Best Narrative and EE Game of the Year by the community. Unpacking has therefore demonstrated to have created a dedicated player community in less than a year.

The other independent games in the competition have won the categories in which they were nominated. Chicory: A Colorful Tale won the award for Best Family Game, while Inscryption took home the award for Game Design. For those who haven’t yet played this adventure game, Inscryption is a single-player, card-based roguelike that combines riddles with psychological horror. Inscryption has 97 percent good Steam ratings and a MetaCritic user score of roughly 8.7, making it a worthwhile deckbuilding game to play.

The following are the BAFTA 2022 winners:

  • Animation — Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart
  • The Artful Escape is an artistic achievement.
  • Returnal — Audio Achievement
  • Returnal is the best game.
  • Forza Horizon 5 is a British game.
  • Toem’s First Game
  • Chicory: A Colorful Tale of Family
  • Inscryption is a feature of game design.
  • Before Your Eyes: A Game That Goes Beyond Entertainment
  • It Takes Two to Play Multiplayer
  • Returnal is a piece of music.
  • Unpacking the Best Narrative
  • It Takes Two – Original Property
  • Jane Perry / Returnal / Performer in a Leading Role
  • Kimberly Brooks / Psychonauts 2 / Performer in a Supportive Role
  • Technical Achievement — Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart
  • Unpacking the EE Game of the Year


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