The latest PSO2 update, New Genesis marks two years with a retweet campaign. The game adds new tasks and monsters in the patch to celebrate its anniversary, after which it will shift into a 2D free-to run variant of itself, along with introducing recurring events for players to enjoy.

The “phantasy star online 2 new genesis single-player” is a game that was released in 2015, and has been running for two years. The game recently had a retweet campaign to celebrate the anniversary of the game. It also added new tasks and monsters in its latest patch.

PSO2 New Genesis marks two years with a retweet campaign, adds new tasks and monsters in latest patch


While many players of Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis are certainly looking forward to the major update on April 6th, a minor content patch was released lately to help tide them over. The inclusion of new daily, weekly, and limited-time activities, as well as new Dread opponents appearing in different places until April 5th and a Flappy Clan AC Scratch Ticket, are the highlights of this version.

Meanwhile, from now until April 5th, the game is commemorating its second anniversary on Twitter with a retweet campaign and a sprinkling of item codes that will be shared at certain times between now and April 2nd. Higher XP payouts till tomorrow, March 29th, and increased rare drops between March 30th and April 5th are also part of the celebration in-game.

Finally, the devs kicked out a reminder video highlighting quality-of-life features coming in the April 6th update. Readers will recall that this was part of the last NGS Headline video newsletter, but it’s isolated here because who doesn’t love QoL features?

What are the new QOL features?

That’s right! Everything you see is here is coming in the 4/6 update! 🎉 And don’t forget- we always want to hear your thoughts! Tell us your questions with #NGSHeadline! 💙

— Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis – Global (@play_pso2) March 24, 2022



The “pso2 new genesis double saber” is a tweet from the official PlayStation® Japan Twitter account that was retweeted by many users. The tweet was celebrating the two year anniversary of PSO2, and included a picture of one of the new tasks in the latest patch.

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