Gorgon is a new game with an E-Sports twist, set to launch on Steam. The developers have announced that they will be tracking player market information, and offering discounts for the best cosmetic items in their store as part of this strategy. This move comes just days after Valve unveiled its own program allowing users to trade skins from one platform to another without fear of taking a hit on value.

Project Gorgon is a new game in development by the developers of Dark Souls. The game has added a cosmetic system and slashes the price through May 2021. Read more in detail here: project gorgon 2021.

Project Gorgon adds cosmetic system, slashes Steam price through May


The newest patch for Project Gorgon came over the weekend, and if you appreciate appearing lovely and powerful, you’ll adore what Elder Game has done to the game’s glamour – basically, its gear aesthetic system.

“Glamour Berries are a handy cosmetic feature that allows you to make your gear seem like other gear. When you’re bored of wearing non-matching armor, this might come in handy! […] Glamour Berries are magical fairy fruits that can transform any item of gear into another piece of gear forever. The glamour has no influence on the item’s stats or behavior, thus it’s only a trick of the eye. This applies to NPC behavior as well: Because NPCs are able to see through glamours, they will respond to you as if you were wearing the actual item. NPCs would still think you look awful if you’re wearing ‘hideous’ clothes that’s been glamoured into something lovely.”

These berries will be obtained via the use of event tokens, minigames, and ultimately guild credits. Additional transmutation features for changing gear treasure effects, enhanced tooltips, improved visuals and physics, and other new UI adjustments are all included in the patch.

If you’ve been waiting for a chance to test Project Gorgon, it’s now having a fantastic discount that you should take advantage of. The 50% off pricing, which brings the game down to $19.99, is the lowest it’s ever been, according to Elder Game, and it’ll last until May 2nd. If you are drawn into the gameworld, you may want to consider purchasing the optional sub as well. But, hey, if you do, you’ll get some free glamour berries as a bonus.

Project: Gorgon is on sale, for the lowest price in history, for a limited time only! It’s a perfect time to jump in and experience everything that #ProjectGorgon has to offer! https://t.co/FSND4egACF #MMO #MMORPG #IndieDev #GameDev #Gaming #PCGaming #PCGamer #RPG #IndieGame

— Project: Gorgon (@ProjectGorgon) April 19, 2022

Patch notes as a source. Sorenthaz, Jason, and Navarre, cheers!


Project Gorgon is a new game that has been released by the developers of Warframe. The game adds cosmetic system, slashes Steam price through May and more. Reference: project gorgon reddit.

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