Although the mount itself isn’t revealed yet, this new content brings an exciting change to players in WildStar. The first question that comes up is how it will be obtained? Does this mean we’ll have our own personal mounts or just one for all classes and races?

The “profane game” is a new tameable mount that was recently revealed by the developers. The mount has been created in response to player feedback and it will be available for free on PC and consoles.

Profane’s latest reveal zeroes in on a new tameable mount


Who’s that Pokemon? It’s not, it’s Profane’s latest creature feature, the Alyacaw, a new critter that will be in the game and the subject of the game’s most recent Twitter thread. Those following the game’s development should know by now that it loves its Twitter thread info dumps.

The Alyacaw is a species that may be found in tropical jungles across the globe, and it likes to pounce on victims. The fact that this beast can be tamed and transformed into a mount is its most notable feature, making it just the second such monster mount since the game’s pre-alpha. The procedure is described as “no simple achievement” with “very difficult maintenance,” but those who succeed will be rewarded with a mount with great velocity, strong resistance, and enhanced sensation of danger.

For those who love Profane’s threads, this one closes with word that new postings will be shared every Thursday. For now, there’s a lot to be said about this new tameable monster.

Hello there, everyone!

Meet the Alyacaw, a fantastic monster that will live in Profane’s tropical woods. And what makes it so unique?

Well, this one can be tamed to be a MOUNT!

— Profane MMORPG (@ProfaneMMO) April 14, 2022


The “profane founders pack” is a new mount that was revealed by Profane. The mount can be tamed and ridden, but it is not available in-game yet.

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