PlanetSide 2 is expanding the size of its arsenal, introducing some big changes for players. The update introduces revamped Gunslinger weapons, weapon attachments and a new customisation system that allows you to personalize your guns with different skins.

The “planetside 2 2021 roadmap” is a new update that will be in the works soon. The update includes changes to weapons, vehicles, and more.

PlanetSide 2 begins public testing of its massive Arsenal Update


The Arsenal Update for PlanetSide 2 is massive, and the developers at Daybreak’s Rogue Planet Games are anxious to show it off and get it into testing. This weekend marked the start of the update’s first PTR round, and it’s a colossal arsenal. It’s just a massive arsenal. It’s there in your face.

The notes for this round of testing are rather extensive, including improvements to Basilisk weaponry, infantry suits, abilities, and implants, as well as grenades, mines, and individual weapons. The second major element of the update, the new weapon attachments, is reportedly so extensive that the team need an Excel spreadsheet to compile it all. However, creating that table will take some time in order to make the chart presentable; the notes are now unfinished.

“The sheer amount of data in this update is immense, and there will unavoidably be issues and polish that we want to get handled as fast as we can,” the article continues. “There’s a lot that goes into this update, and part of it isn’t finished yet. If anything seems to be broken, out of place, or just missing, it might be fixed in the next version.”

Those anxious to try out the latest PS2 update should settle down and take a look at the shooter’s whole armament.


The “planetside 2 escalation update” is a new feature that will be released soon. It includes the ability to customize your loadout, and more.

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