Paladins is easily one of Hi-Rez’s biggest titles right now, with nearly half a million players. They’ve only released a handful of heroes since the early beta, but they’ve also upped their game in terms of marketing and community. So, what’s next for the game? Well, last month saw the release of the newest character: Rei. This is the first time that the game’s narrative has been introduced with a new character, and as such, it’s a very important event in the game’s history. (It’s also worth noting that they’ve recently changed the game’s logo and slogan.)

Paladins has officially entered the League of Legends universe this week, with the release of a new character: Rei. A pony-tailed gunslinger, Rei is known for her long-range attacks and a large number of passive abilities. As a new character, Rei was released relatively quietly – the only real coverage came from her debut trailer, which was posted to the Paladins YouTube channel on 5th March.

Paladins recently announced the addition of the assassin, Rei, to their existing roster of playable characters. The character was added to the game as part of the Revive the Past event, which also saw a major update to the game’s loot system. In addition to the announcement, Hi-Rez Studios unveiled a new logo and a new slogan for the game, “Your Lore, Your Game.”


Do you want to see any new Paladins content? That’s right, the Hi-Rez Studio’s Evil Mojo sub-multiplayer studio’s hero shooter has received a new update that includes the game’s 50th roster member, an animated series crossover, and more, all of which were teased in June but just went live last week.

Rei, the Scholar of House Aico, is a new support character that relies on her Spirit Link ability to heal her allies, absorb damage, or even bring a single friend back to life in the most recent update. The update also introduces a new battle pass with skins inspired by characters from the Rooster Teeth anime series gen:LOCK, as well as the return of the Bounty Store from last year.

In the case of Hi-Rez Studio, the game developer/publisher has a new name (without the Studio component), a new logo, and a new motto – “Victory. Together.” – which the firm describes as a “powerful inclusive rallying cry.”

“The company’s new tagline emphasizes the company’s primary goal: to create games that provide the thrill of success while also creating inviting communities around such games. That’s why every game in the Hi-Rez lineup is free to play, has various game modes for different skill levels, contains characters that are reflective of society as a whole, and has crossplay capability so you and your friends can play together no matter what platform you’re on.”

A video has been released to accompany the rebranding, as well as video previews of the gen:LOCK battle pass and the character Rei.

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