There are so many ways to play the new hit game, OSRS Heroes quest, but it’s always a good idea to have a run through before you start. This is especially true if you want to get the most out of the game.

If you are looking for a guide that can help you level up your OSRS account immediately, then you need to check out the OSRS Heroes’ Quest Complete Guide. This is a must-have resource for all players, and provides the complete guide and strategies for the second part of the game, The God Wars Dungeon. If you have played the first part of the game, then you can also check the guide for the first part of the game, The RuneScape Quest.

With the release of the brand new update of the popular action role-playing game, “Heroes’ Quest” (OSRS) by Jagex, the world of RuneScape is getting a brand-new look. However, there is still a lot of players who are unable to access the new look due to old OSRS accounts that are still live. With this in mind, this guide will explain how to convert your old OSRS account to use your new OSRS account.

There’s a hero in all of us. And OldSchool RuneScape looks forward to seeing you. You have defeated the dragon Elvarg and completed many quests. Your performance deserves respect and you’ve earned your place in the championship guild. What’s next for a budding adventurer like you? Of course, you can prove yourself a hero and climb the next rung of the guild ladder. Looking for more tips and tricks OSRS ? Click to see all our manuals RuneScape . Welcome to the High Ground Gaming Heroes’ Quest OSRS Guide!

Time to be a hero

Quest requirements

  • Quests
    • 55 quest points
    • Dragon Slayer
    • The lost city
    • Merlin’s Crystal
    • Shield of Arraw (and a partner in an enemy gang)
  • Article
    • Anti-dracon shield
    • Combat equipment (weapon, magic or distance)
    • Fishing rod
    • Fishing Bait
    • Food (enough to defeat an enemy of level 111 and survive encounters with other enemies of different levels).
    • Garralander Potion (time)
    • Houwelen
    • Teleportation Runes (enough for half a dozen teleports to all free zones and member zone centers, such as Falador and the village of the Sages).
  • Skills
    • Level 53 Kitchen
    • Level 53 Pisces
    • Level 25 Herbology
    • Mining level 50

In order to prepare for the next level of your legend, you will have to go through different levels and complete other tasks. Reach level 50 in Cooking, Fishing and Mining, and make sure you’re level 25 in Herbalism to get an unfinished Garralander Potion. As for the searches: If you’ve followed our dragon slayer guide, you’ve already figured it out. Remaining are the Lost City, Merlin’s Crystal and Arravus’ Shield, and all the other quests that must be completed to get those 55 quest points. Can I recommend the Flintnik study? Arrav’s shield is actually more important than it seems in Heroes’ Quest. Be careful – and don’t forget to keep your partner in crime on your friends list. With their permission, of course. Just like its predecessor, you can’t play Heroes’ Quest alone. Watch active Heroes’ Quest CC (clan chat) members in the centers of populated worlds, or just watch the group quest in the mini-games. Now that that’s all behind us, it’s time to get to work.

Hero’s Journey

Image: Jagex via HGG word-image-1813 word-image-1814 Pass through the Taverly Gate northwest of Falador and breathe in the honeyed air of the limestone region. Then follow the road and avoid the north until you reach the Heroes Guild. A rather heroic looking guard, Achiettis, will be in the front line. And before she lets you in, you must find three rare items in the kingdom to offer as proof of your worth. Articles : Entrana Firebird Fire Feather, Boiled Lava Eel from Magma Lake, and Master Thief Cuff. Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? Smile maniacally and buckle your belt. Your first task is to find the fire spring.

like Phoenix

Image: Jagex via HGG word-image-1815 word-image-1816 You need cold gloves to handle the hot stuff. – Take a moment to think of a self-confidence boosting joke. Specifically, the ice gloves. It is located in the heart of White Wolf Mountain, between Taverley and Caterby. First, you’re in the hands of the Ice Queen (level 111), who has set up her lair in the cave system below the snowy peak. Go to the north side of the mountain, find and remove a rock fall with a pickaxe, then walk past the ice warriors to the foot of the three stairs. From here, head southwest and up the stairs. Go past the ice giants to the stairs on the east side, then through the horseshoe shape to two more stairs – and finally to the lair of the Ice Queen. Try to kill them quickly, because you’re in a multi-sided combat zone and all of their warriors can come at you. If you kill him, you get icy gloves, after which you can retreat or teleport. Photo: Jagex via HGG word-image-1817 word-image-1818 At this point, you must stock up on weapons and armor, as you must travel to the pacifist island of Entrana. Talk to the monk Entrana in Sarim’s harbour to get access to the island. Then put on your ice gloves and head north and east where the firebird nests. Beat him to death with your cold hands and take a burning pen. One point from the past, two to come!

Eel and escalator

Next, we need to get a lava eel from the Heroes’ Quest OSRS manual. As you can imagine, this takes a bit of preparation. Illustration: Jagex via HGG word-image-1819 word-image-1820 On the way back from Entrana to the mainland, stop and talk to Gerrant in his shop to get some snail slime blam. You use it along with an unfinished Garralander potion to make a Blamish oil potion. So bring some combat gear and food. And also a shield against dragons – for the lava eels we are about to catch are well guarded. Also, bring a fishing rod and bait from your bank or buy it at the Main Market. Don’t forget to oil the stem with Blamish oil. Now we have to go back to Taverly (more precisely, to the dungeon of Taverly) and dodge a few dragons to get our eel. To open the door to the blue dragon area, you’ll need a dusty key, but you may already have one. Otherwise, just kill the dungeon master in the Black Knight dungeon section of Taverly and use his key to open Velrak’s cell and talk to him. He’s going to set a trap for you. Use the dust key on the blue dragon door, then run west and south past them to the large magma pool. Image: Jagex via HGG word-image-1821 word-image-1822 This is where we will land our eels. It’s as simple as going to a fishing spot with an oiled rod and bait in your inventory. Then cook the raw lava eel in a place suitable for you. Have fun laughing gently while pondering the metaphysical implications of burning a creature nestled in liquid fire. You can’t burn a lava eel, so don’t worry. Congratulations, two already! There’s only one left ….

King of Thieves

Image: Jagex via HGG word-image-1823 word-image-1824 We saved the longest and most difficult stage for the end. Now you must find another Heroes’ Quest partner to earn the Master Thief bracelet – and prove your prowess in the underworld of Gielinor. This should be familiar to you, since you have already passed the Arrav Shield as a prerequisite. But that’s not all, so we’ll look at each step separately. Contact your partner (or find him/her via clan chat or group search) and make sure he/she is also ready for Heroes’ Quest. This means that the…

  • If you are a member of the Black Hand gang:
    • Full face helmet black
    • Black Shield
    • Black plate feet
  • If you are a member of the Phoenix Gang:
    • Combat weapons and associated ammunition or Combat magic runes

Now let’s talk about diverging paths.

for Black Hand gang member

If you are a member of the Black Hand gang, this part of the Heroes OSRS quest is for you. Talk to Catherine at the city gate on the south side. She has a password for you – because secret actions usually have secret passwords – and she asks you to go to Brimhaven. You’re gonna steal Pete’s marked candlesticks. Make sure you wear your black harness before you travel. In Brimhaven, find the gang’s base of operations near the Dexterity Arena and talk to Trobert, who contributes to the plot by providing a set of identification documents to break into Pete’s mansion. When you try to enter the mansion, you will be pushed back by Garv, the doorman, but your credentials are enough to stop him. Go ahead and talk to Grip, because part of your coverage is to get some work done, as good coverages often do. At that point, he’ll give you the key. You must give this very important key to the person you are talking to on the other side of the criminal alley. Return to the mansion and go to the room northeast of the foyer. Your friend will follow his own instructions and end up in the room on the other side. When they are in place, you must search the closet. The first time you do it, you get interrupted by a guard, so you do it again. This time Grip comes storming back, very angry that you are rummaging in his closet. This is your way of making it clear to your partner that he or she must carry out the plan. Pick up the key that Grip dropped and walk through the mansion to the treasure. Use the key to loot the northernmost chest in the first area. And there it was, two candles in it! Then you should give one to your partner as a thank you for helping with the job. All that remains is to return to Warrock to show the candlestick to Catherine. As a reward, she’ll give you the bracelet of a master thief.

For a member of the Phoenix Gang

If you’re in Phoenix, this section of Heroes’ Quest OSRS is for you. Go back to the hideout and talk to Straven. He will give you the secret password – a prerequisite for any successful criminal operation – and quickly send you to Brimhaven. Bring a ranged weapon and ammo or combat runes on your trip. You’ll need it. When you arrive in town, the first thing to do is wait patiently outside the mansion while your henchman, the Black Hand, gives you the key. Your next stop is a restaurant where you have to tell the waiter Alphonse the secret password. When you are past the first firewall, talk to Charlie the cook next to you and give him the password too. Charlie lets you know that they have inspected the place and there is a false wall that can be pushed back to leave the kitchen undetected. Go over the wall and you’re knee-deep in a pack of dogs. Kill them or walk past them to enter the mansion through the east door. Then use your key in the door to the north. You find yourself in a safe haven from evil characters like you, allowing you to observe the room your partner is in or about to enter from a perfect vantage point. If they make trouble and Grip gets into position, use your weapon or magic to seal the end of his life sentence. Then head back out, past the dogs and through the restaurant, waiting for your partner to emerge victorious with a candlestick for you. Bring the candlestick to Straven in Warrock to get the Master Thief bracelet.

You’re a hero, Harry

word-image-793 word-image-794 Take your flame feather, boiled lava eel and master thief bracelet back to Acetti in the Heroes Guild and earn your place in the pantheon of heroic adventurers. They have conquered snowy mountain peaks, plunged into the fiery depths of the earth and even committed burglaries and light murders. But after all that, you were a real hero. You don’t see it and you don’t hear it, but we applaud you. After all this, what now? You’re already a hero. But are you a legend? Only time and another long and arduous search will bring this about. …..   word-image-795 word-image-796


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you complete heroes quest solo Osrs?

In the game, players start with a character who is either a Warrior or a Rogue. Mostly, they start the game as a Warrior, but they can choose to become a Rogue if they want to.  Warrior: The Warrior is the more powerful of the two. Players are given 20 Quest Points to start off with and they can gain more by completing quests.  Rogue:  The Rogue is a more stealthy character. Players can only use weapons and staffs, and not any other weapons. They also have a few more abilities than the Warrior. Ever since the game was released, people have been wondering whether it’s possible to complete Heroes’ Quest on your own. The official FAQ says that it is, but some of the people who have attempted the quest on their own have either rage quit or timed out so much they quit in anger.

Can someone who completed Heroes Quest help?

The Gamers Challenge is a life-long game that is played on YouTube and nothing but YouTube. The Gamers Challenge consists of over 40,000 videos ranging in genre from games to movies, and all of the videos are created by gamers. Here’s what you can do, if you’re a gamer, and you want to play or record the game of your choice (or record movies if you’re a film buff). You may have heard of a few other bloggers who have completed the game, but I started this blog in 2011 and completed the game in 2013. I believe you can learn a lot from someone who has been there and done that. There had been a lot of discussion in the RuneScape community about the game’s difficulty and people who have done it before.

Do I need a partner for Heroes Quest Osrs?

Heroes Quest is a game that the Elder Scrolls series has been making for a long time. When you play the game you’ll spend your time battling monsters and collecting their loot. But you’ll also gain experience points to level up your character and save them up for use in the game’s dungeons. This article will show you how to use your experience points to max out your character’s power. The game is a pretty simple one, so I thought I’d include a few tips for those of you who are new to the game.

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