One More Game has just released its latest blog, talking about the development of AI for the game. The title might mislead you into thinking it’s related to PvP RTS but don’t let that fool you: It is a genre focusing heavily on bot-AI and player vs. player battles in gameplay rather than campaign modes or singleplayer games as OneMoreGame specializes solely in multiplayer experience. Although they haven’t gotten close to implementing their potential vision yet, they have been working hard on getting things right so players can enjoy what could be an exciting new addition to gaming

One More Game’s latest blog talks bot AI, peppers in hints at a possible but ‘hypothetical’ PvP RTS. The game is currently in development and has no release date. Read more in detail here: game bot programming.

One More Game’s latest blog talks bot AI, peppers in hints at a possible but ‘hypothetical’ PvP RTS


We’ll start by saying that dev studio One More Game – which was founded by former ArenaNet and Riot Games devs – hasn’t stated what game it’s working on other than saying it’ll be “delightful” online cross-platform PC and mobile games, and the studio’s most recent dev blog mentions a “hypothetical real-time strategy game,” emphasis ours. However, there is bot AI work being done for the game, the blog mentions PvP, and the AI in issue seems to have to make judgments faster than the ordinary bot. Take it in whatever way you choose.

The blog delves into the technical details of a “searching system” AI process, which simulates a variety of potential choices available in the game’s current state and then measures the outcomes to determine the best course of action. It also touts how this new type of AI helps developers and the game, as well as the advantages of early bot AI development, all within the context of a game state that’s constantly changing based on player actions.

It all seems like real-time strategy, but regardless of whether these suppositions become true or not, the blog is worth reading for armchair developers.


One More Game’s latest blog talks bot AI, peppers in hints at a possible but ‘hypothetical’ PvP RTS. Reference: artificial intelligence playing games.

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