Yes, it’s been a year and a half since the last RuneScape: The Feud guide, but the journey isn’t over just yet. In this update, we’ll be finishing all the non-quest content in a way that will tie everything up and make it clear that you’re done with the quest line. We’ll be looking at everything from the new skills to the new areas to the new bosses.

A few weeks ago, we wrote an article about the latest update to the Feud quest. The article was well-received and it led to us writing a second article, about the Feud quest in the RuneScape Classic server. With the release of the much-awaited Rise of the Six update, we wanted to write a third article about the Feud quest, which has once again been updated in RuneScape Classic.

Old School RuneScape (OSRS) has been around for a few years now, and this year it celebrates its twentieth year of existence. This is a huge milestone, and there has been an explosion of content in that time. While OSRS in its current form is a fantastic game, it is capable of so much more. It is an ever-changing game, with a constant stream of new content and new features. If you are going to play OSRS, now is the time to start. While there are still some older content updates, the game is at its best.

Under the fierce desert sun, bad blood can easily turn to hostility. South of Al-Harid lies a vast expanse of golden sand known as the limb desert. But unlike the cooler region north of Shantai Pass, the heat and thirst here can be as much of a threat as the bandits with their bare knives. Looking for more tips and tricks OSRS ? Click to see all our manuals RuneScape . In the quest OSRS The Feud, you must form an alliance with the greatest merchant in Gielinor to restore peace to the besieged city of Pollninich and find his missing nephew. Welcome to High Ground Gaming’s OSRS The Feud quest guide!

Charidian Nights

Quest requirements

  • Level 30 Flight
  • 2k+ GP
  • Beer
  • Bucket (1, appears during the search)
  • Artificial beard (1, available from Ali Morrisan)
  • Charidian headdress (1, available from Ali Morrisan)
  • Knife (1, used to pour water through a Charidian cactus)
  • Leather gloves (1)
  • Shantai pass (1+, depending on trips made, purchased from Shantai)
  • Kettle (1+ depending on the length of the ride, can be bought in Shantai)

To begin the Feud quest of OSRS, speak with Ali Morrisan at his merchant shop in the northern suburbs of Al Harid. In the course of the conversation you learn that his cousin – also named Ali – has disappeared in the desert town of Pollnivnich. He’s asking you to find him. Image: Jagex via HGG / Mitch Gentry word-image-13175 word-image-13176 Before you leave, buy him a kharidian headdress and an artificial beard. Also, make sure you wear desert clothing as this will help reduce water consumption when wading through the dunes on foot. Head south to Shantai Pass, buy a pass and a helmet with water in Shantai, and replenish your equipment – weapons, food, a knife and energy items. Picture: Jagex via HGG word-image-13177 word-image-13178 As soon as you pass, the sun begins its merciless work. Every one and a half minute drink water from an object in your inventory. You can take it a step further by wearing the desert clothes you (hopefully) bought at Ali Morrisan. If you get lost and run out of water, you can chop down a Charidian cactus to get a little refill, or you can refill water at any water source in the towns you pass along the way. First we have to go to Pollninich.

Pollnivnich hazard

Photo: Jagex via HGG / Mitch Gentry word-image-13179 word-image-13180 Of course, you can also walk, or pay a carpet dealer nearby and take a ride on a magic carpet. Anyway, once you’re in town, you want to go straight to the pub. Buy three bottles of beer and use them one at a time at Drunken Ali’s on the corner. Image: Jagex via HGG / Mitch Gentry word-image-13181 word-image-13182 He will reveal that while he doesn’t know exactly where Ali’s cousin is, he suspects the disappearance has something to do with an ongoing feud between two local gangs: Menafists and bandits. On the northern edge of town, there is an area that is really infested with bandits. Speak to one of them and he will tell you that the quarrel arose from the theft of the Menafists’ camel, which can be settled if the Menafists return the camel. In the western part of the city you will find the Menaphytes. After speaking with one of the bandits, you learn that you may be dealing with a mutual camel robbery, one of the rarest and most complicated feuds. Luckily, there is a discount camel shop in town! Image: Jagex via HGG / Mitch Gentry word-image-13183 word-image-13184 Talk to Camelman Ali (do you smell the problem?) and offer him 500p in exchange for two camel reçues. But after the menafists and the bandits each have a camel, you will discover that good will is not enough to make peace. You need to join a gang and fix things from the inside. Ali the operator, in or near his big tent on the Menafit grounds, is your ticket. Talk to him about joining the Menafists – but of course, it’s not that easy. He wants to test your skills. First you have to con the three villagers of Pollnivnich to show that you are a worthy thief. The villagers suspect him. The first one you can steal easily, but the last two will give you a hard time. They require a unique approach.

Thieves’ cave

Image: Jagex via HGG / Mitch Gentry word-image-13185 word-image-13186 A street boy outside a pub can help you entertain a villager for 10p. But as before, this new technique only works once. Go back to Ali’s landlord to get a blackjack. Grab it and drop the villager to pick him up while he is unconscious. This completes the first test. Talk to the operator Ali to get the second challenge. Then you have to rob the mayor’s house and steal his wife’s jewels. For this you need a Haridian headdress and an artificial beard. Use one of them for camouflage, then equip it with leather gloves. First hide behind the big cactus at the entrance to make sure no one is there, then use the key Ali gave you for the front door and go upstairs. If you search the bed, you’ll find a hint that the Fibonacci sequence has something to do with this process. In fact, the jewelry safe combination consists of the first six Fibonacci numbers (1-1-2-3-5-8). Look at the landscape painting next to the bed to find the chest, then enter the numbers. You get the jewels automatically at the opening. Image: Jagex via HGG / Mitch Gentry word-image-13187 word-image-13188 After handing over the jewels, Ali the Servant will ask you for one last request as proof of your loyalty. He believes there is a traitor in the ranks of the Minafi, and he wants you to track that traitor down. Question other menafists to get a clue for your research. The bandits, of course, suspect that it is the traitor Ali. Give this information to Ali’s operator and he will ask you to handle the situation. Back in the pub you can talk to Ali the bartender and find out that the table and beer for the drunkard belong to Ali the Traitor. Then talk to Ali, the witch, in her house on the hill, about preparing the poison. She’ll ask you to bring her a snake. And luckily, there’s a snake charmer behind the pub. If you throw a few coins into the caster’s jar, you’ll get a snake caster’s flute and a snake basket. Use the snake charmer’s flute on the desert snakes around Ali Operator’s tent, and bring the captured snake to Ali Hag. The next ingredient he needs is fresh camel dung. To induce sudden and, more importantly, fresh camel droppings, you need to go to Ali’s kebab shop in town and ask for a bottle of his special hot sauce. Image: Jagex via HGG / Mitch Gentry word-image-13189 word-image-13190 Take a bucket from the camel supply store, and use the red hot sauce on the feeder in the camel pen. They quickly give you a strong and fresh fertilizer. Use the bucket on the manure, wear leather gloves to pick some up. If the manure is not green, it is good. If not, you will have to try again.

Let it out

Take the dung to Ali the magician to prepare the poison, then use it in the traitor Ali’s drink. Report your violations to the operator Ali and he will give you permission to speak to the chief Menafi in the north of the tent. Picture: Jagex via HGG / Mitch Gentry word-image-13191 word-image-13192 He learns that it’s not so much about the bandits as it is about world domination. And it won’t happen. If you resist his plans, he’ll have you take on a level 75 Creeper and teleport you away when you’ve won. The villagers are strangely unhappy with your expulsion of the Menafi leadership. Now they’re worried about the power vacuum the Bandits are going to fill. Go back to the carpet merchant in the northwest of town to find the bandit leader. As before, it will pit a champion bushranger against you for supremacy. It won’t go away right away, though. He will offer to talk to one of the villagers to see if they will thank you for banishing the gangs. And of course, they have nothing but sour grapes to offer. … Why are we doing this again? Oh, that’s right – Ali’s nephew! After talking to the villagers, Mayor Ali appears in the middle of the village. Talk to him and learn that Ali’s cousin is safe after being chased out of town for his eloquence and magic tricks. For now, he’s hiding out somewhere in the desert until his commercial services are needed. Return to Ali Morrisan with the news to complete the Feud quest guide and the Feud OSRS quest guide .

Under the desert sun

Quest Rewards

  • 1 quest point
  • 500p
  • 15,000 XP from thieves
  • Blackjack
  • Disguise in the desert
  • Access Polnivnich villagers, bandits and Menafit thugs to learn how to steal.

This is the end of search guide for Feud OSRS! You found Ali’s cousin, upset the balance of power between the desert gangs, and despite all your efforts, bought a Kharid headdress and a fake beard from the biggest merchant in all of Helinor. Just another day’s work for an adventurer like you.   word-image-4808 word-image-4809


Thank you for following the Feud OSRSquest guide. Good luck with your future adventures in the desert. I’ll see you in the next tutorial. Linked readingHave you ever wondered what happened to the Feud between the Kharidian and the Iorillian clans? It all started with a misunderstanding, but it quickly escalated into a war that wiped out a huge portion of both clans and left the Kharidian clan’s territory in ruins. We’ve gathered together all the information we could find about the aftermath of this war, the clans that lived through it, and the current situation of the Iorillians.. Read more about the feud runescape and let us know what you think.

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