In a recent blog post, Old School RuneScape outlined their potential plans for the next few years. Some of these ideas include including giant bosses in game content and even bringing back features like PvP worlds and more.

Old School RuneScape discusses potential mid-bosses and shares rough update timelines. The “osrs bosses” is a game that was released in 2001, but has seen some updates since its release.

Old School RuneScape discusses potential mid-bosses and shares rough update timelines


Several Old School RuneScape programmers gathered for a livestream earlier this month to address player questions, but if you missed it, this freshly posted synopsis has you covered — no VOD required!

On the chasm between early and late-stage endgame content, the programmers are contemplating implementing some sort of mid-boss encounters, however they don’t have a strategy for this type of content, and there are concerns that high-end players may just farm middle-end content for rewards to pay out. Overall, the notion seems to have piqued the interest of a few people.

On skill cape perks: These may be tweaked, however there are a number of other factors to consider, such as ensuring that a maxed-out skill cape isn’t overpowering; the issue successfully sparked a lot of debate over the system.

On the subject of the PJ timer for Wilderness zones, one of the devs stated that the Wilderness’s fundamental issues must be addressed first and foremost, and that the PJ timer’s effect on the area requires more time to form, though this does not necessarily imply that PK’ing is being phased out entirely. There is a dedicated PvP team at Jagex, and more modifications are on the way.

Other noteworthy points include: changes to Poll 76 are coming soon, most likely at the end of the current league; upcoming plans to adjust Runecrafting and Smithing skills while avoiding too many Slayer updates; the devs confirm the possibility of more quest backporting; and there was some discussion about the length of time it takes to obtain certain gear items. If you’re a lover of OSRS, there are many of themes addressed in the transcript.


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