A new trailer from Valhalla: Ragnarok, Odin: Valhalla Rising’s upcoming Korean-import RPG, has surfaced on YouTube. It’s a fresh look at a pre-order bonus, the Valhalla: Ragnarok Orchestra, and some of the game’s new characters. The new trailer also features some English voice overs for the first time since the game’s announcement.

One of the most anticipated games of the year, Odin: Valhalla Rising, will be releasing in South Korea on June 29th. The game has been announced on the Korean website www.mode7.com. You will be able to preorder the game in the country for a discounted price. The final version will also be released in English, but will not be available on USA and European markets.

word-image-2083 Last May we told you about the upcoming game Odin:. Valhalla Rising, a new MMORPG for PC and mobile, developed by Lionheart Studio and published by Kakao Games, with a fairly obvious setting and highly kinetic combat. At the time, there weren’t many details about the release, but thanks to Kakao’s virtual presentation, we now know that the game will be out on Tuesday the 29th. June will be available to South Korean players. The presentation included additional gameplay details about the vast open world with hidden treasures and various hazards that can be explored on foot, by climbing walls or on the back of flying moles. Combat will be more focused on melee than in other mobile MMOs, with linked and conditional skill combos activated when certain basic skills are activated. The presentation also confirmed that Odin, Thor and Loki will appear in the game as world bosses that guilds can fight for legendary rewards, and that GvP will be a key PvP feature of the Valhalla Battle mode. This is all pretty interesting in itself, but what might make some people hesitate is the fact that developer Lionheart Studios has released a new cinematic trailer in English and translated the teaser page into English, so it’s likely that this game will be announced in the West. Below is the new trailer mentioned above.

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