Nobody Saves The World is a free-to-play, hero shooter game. It’s the first title from Epic Games’ new PC gaming company named Impossible Game Studios and it was released in June of 2018.

“nobody saves the world – review reddit” is a game that has been released on Steam. The game is available for purchase and is available to play on PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

Nobody Saves The World review

Nobody Saves The World is a new action RPG that features levels of exciting advancement and plays comparable to old school top-down Legend of Zelda titles from the past. It’s early in 2022, but this is a game to get excited about, with engaging combat, a diverse cast of characters to embody, and a mission to eradicate corruption and preserve the planet.

Drinkbox Studios, the developers of the Guacamelee series and other wonderful games, has released a new game. If you’ve played any of Drinkbox’s games before, you’ll be acquainted with their animation and comedy, and Nobody Saves the World offers both of those things and more. Nobody Saves The World is a top-down action RPG, while Guacemelee was a spin on the Metroidvania genre, and they have once again proved their grasp of precise controls and incredibly gratifying game mechanics. This game delivers dopamine doses at a rapid speed, and just when you think you’ve had enough, you’re sucked back in.

We begin the game as Nobody, a stick figure-style character who is skinny, devoid of distinguishing characteristics, and seems to be a thin ghost. The previous hero, a powerful magician, has vanished, and it is up to you to preserve the lands. Thanks to a handy magic wand discovered in the cage you’re in, no one possesses shape-shifting powers.

By converting yourself into a Rat, you may quickly proceed and discover the genius of Nobody Saves the World. You may squeeze through narrow gaps and thereby access a new portion of the map by shrinking. Drinkbox has also included the ability for the rat to inflict Dark damage on opponents, which is a clever addition. You have elemental attacks (light or dark, sharp or blunt) in addition to shape-shifting skills, so moving back and forth between identities at a fast pace is the best approach to take on strongly defended chambers. But it takes time; you begin slowly, learn to level up with your rat, and eventually get out from your jail.


After completing the brief instructional zone, you may easily unlock different forms such as the Guard and the Ranger. The Guard wields a sword well, while the Ranger employs a bow and arrow for long-range assaults. Each character has a unique weapon and sort of damage, as well as an attack style. Although the rat is little, his bites are quite painful. The Guard’s sword strikes are excellent for dealing with crowds, while the Ranger excels in long range combat. It’s not long until you meet other characters, such as The Body Builder, Egg, Dragon, Mermaid, and the sweet Horse who is easily seduced. Because it’s a Horse Kick, the Horse is very interesting because he moves quickly and his assaults are quite powerful. However, you will be forced to return to fight, which may be pretty amusing.

Nobody Saves The World is heavily centered on fighting, which, like many other aspects of the game, is enjoyable. There are a variety of opponents attempting to capture you, including hordes of foes attempting to overwhelm you, enemies assaulting from a distance, and Wizard Cats sending in scratching spells. Many adversaries may be defeated with regular weapon assaults, but others are protected by an element, which means you must hit them with the proper element to open up the damage else they would be impervious. This teaches the player how to swiftly swap between forms. My first impulse was to stay with one sort of player, and I gravitated toward the Guard, but you soon find that you need a range of aspects to develop, and it’s more interesting to learn about the other characters and their various techniques. I probably wouldn’t have tried out all of the personas I did if I didn’t have this need to try new things.

Combos are also vital in fighting, so you may need to hit an adversary with an element a few times to build up the elemental meter before unleashing a quick assault for optimal effectiveness. The battle becomes more complex as you go through the game, which adds another element of excitement.

A satisfying leveling up system, or systems that function together, complements the battle. You’ll be given a mission as soon as you unlock a character, which may be as easy as ‘Use Bite to Kill 10 Enemies’ (an example for the Rat). You’ll earn three additional tasks after finishing them, as well as a reward, which goes into your bank and may be used to unlock doors when you have enough in your bank. Quests are diverse and numerous, and progress is constantly visible on screen, providing you with something to do. You’ll have several branching missions since you have multiple characters, ensuring that you’re constantly active. It’s possible that you’ll have to go through a Dungeon a few times to fulfill objectives, but that’s not an issue considering how much fun the fighting and exploring are.

We have objectives that provide us with goods to aid our progress and open the path ahead, but each character also has a rating. Every character begins off as an F, and you progress through the tiers until you reach the S tier. We only have one move when we initially start off, but as we progress, we get extra movements that may be assigned to three action buttons. After a while, you’ll be able to unlock and switch skills across characters, allowing you to create a good build with a single character (or a group of characters). It’s a pretty cool system; it seems easy to the player on the surface, but it must be really intricate below. Congratulations to the developers for the game’s onboarding process and how Drinkbox teaches us to play, since I didn’t feel overwhelmed or confused about how to handle my party of players in the first few hours. You’ll be switching characters rapidly, giving out multiple damage kinds, and having tens of adversaries at your mercy after you’ve mastered it.

There are randomly generated dungeons and castles in the game as well, so you won’t get the same experience again. The layout of the dungeons is changed, as are the adversaries, providing some great diversity and replayability. Dungeons are enjoyable, but they may become a bit problematic soon since you tend to get swamped by monsters and swarmed early on when you don’t have the skills or powers that you will have later on. Dungeons reminded me of Diablo or Raiders of the Lost Ark in that you enter one section, kill a number of foes, and then go on to the next to repeat the process, with a major boss at the end. There are a few puzzles along the way, but the battle is the primary emphasis.


Between dungeons, there’s a lush overworld of woods and cities, as well as a cast of strange and intriguing individuals. There’s the Horse to fall in love with, as well as the Slug who’s lost his wife and the sassy store maiden who resembles a lizard. It exudes Drinkbox’s personality, and the sleek animation, paired with the comedy, just adds to the rich world we live in.

Nobody Saves The World surprised me a lot. It’s fantastic, especially considering how early in the year it is. We shouldn’t be shocked if Drinkbox delivers a quality experience that can compete with the finest in the action RPG genre. Drinkbox has once again shown that they understand progression mechanisms and how to provide enjoyment. The game looks amazing, runs well, has enjoyable combat, and intriguing growth. It’s currently only available on PC and Xbox, but it’s certainly worth looking into, particularly if you like top-down RPGs. This is a great early 2022 find, and one I’d highly suggest.

Drinkbox Studios is the creator of this game. Drinkbox Studios is the publisher. Xbox and PC are the two platforms available. (PC Game Pass was used to play this game.) The film will be released on January 18, 2021.

The “nobody saves the world steam” is a review of the game, Nobody Saves The World. It is a role-playing game that was released in early 2016.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long to beat Nobody Saves the World?

A: It is impossible to answer this question with a specific time, as the length of each song differs.

Is nobody saves the world co-op?

A: The game is not available for co-op.

How many players Nobody saves the world?

A: There are three players in the game.

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